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Privilege disappear? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is losing privileges after placing bounty OK? I gained 2000 reputation on SO, and received Edit Questions and Answers privilege. Then I started a 100 reputation bounty, and ...
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What will happen after the great reputation re-calc? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Lose Rep Accomplishments… I have just gotten close-voting privileges on SO. Jeff in the past has talked about a rep-recalc coming in the future with downvotes being ...
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Privilege to review suggested edits revoked when I placed a bounty [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is losing privileges after placing bounty OK? I recently earned more than 2k reputation. 2020 to be specific. I got the privilege to review suggested edits. Fine. Now I ...
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Users' privileges can change when a bounty is offered [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is losing privileges after placing bounty OK? Do not lose privileges once gained As all know Stack Overflow has several privileges that assigns to the users according to ...
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One For The Vine - Rep limits for review tasks [duplicate]

I'm putting this up for discussion rather than a feature request. It's probably too convoluted to be implimented, but it's certainly worthy of discussion/thought. I understand the minimum ...
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Do not lose privileges once gained [duplicate]

According to the answers here at meta, you can lose privileges when you e.g. spend your reputation on bounties. What is the rationale behind that? By my opinion, it would be more natural if the ...
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If your reputation goes down from awarding a bounty, or from being voted down by other users, do you lose abilities? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Lose Rep Accomplishments… For example, at 1000 reputation, you gain the ability to see total up and down vote counts. If you were to lose reputation from either ...
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Grant site permission based on the total accumulated, rather than current, reputation [duplicate]

I've been using Stack Exchange sites for about seven years now, and in that time I've probably accumulated a few thousand reputation points — primarily on Stack Overflow. Recently I was posting a new ...
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I cannot change my username because I have images in the description [duplicate]

Consider the following story: User Alice has a Stack Overflow account having a good reputation. When Alice creates a new account on another site from SE platform she will get 101 points of reputation ...
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What happens when user comes down to low reputation? [duplicate]

I was offering bounty to some good unanswered questions, but I suddenly realized what happens if I come down to below 50 reputation or below 125 reputation points (minimum reputation points required ...
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Jon Skeet Facts

I'm looking for Chuck Norris Facts style answers. In case anyone is curious, this question was inspired by Jon's own comment to this question. Now with official sanction from the powers that be!
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Notify user when setting a bounty will revoke a privilege

For those who recently acquired privileges through reputation, it would be nice to be notified when starting a bounty which privilege will be revoked if any. Related: Is losing privileges after ...
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Can you lose an ability if your reputation falls below a threshold?

For example, if your reputation starts above 50 and then falls below 50, do you lose the ability to leave comments? Or, are privileges forever, once earned?
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Stack Exchange doesn't allow me to answer protected questions because I gave away earned rep in bounties

I noticed that I can't answer protected questions. I don't want to actually, but it says: It was FAQ for Stack Exchange sites, but I also didn't have an ability to answer other protected ...
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Does loss of reputation cause loss of privileges? [duplicate]

Do you lose privileges if you lose reputation (e.g. by spending it on bounties) and dip below what you had to reach to gain that privilege? Or, do you get to keep a privilege once it is earned no ...
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