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How to handle an answer as a comment? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to handle questions which are answered in the comments? Someone answered a question of mine in a comment. How do I handle the situation? I don't want to leave the question ...
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Notify on deletion of replied-to comment

There are quite a lot of apparent monologues in comments which where actually replies to other comments leaving an incomplete conversation. If the original commenter wants to delete his comment, those ...
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Add support for linking "@username" in comments [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Let’s make it easier to reply within comments! As many people know, users will post comments, and refer to other users by name using the "@username" syntax. It would be ...
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Autolink @username to the user identity/profile [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: @<name> comments should link to the named person’s profile (like twitter) Rampant throughout the system is the adopted usage @SoAndSo to target a user. However ...
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Add a [reply to comment] feature

Possible Duplicates: Reply to comment feature request Let’s make it easier to reply within comments! I would like a reply to comment feature to SO, so when someone replies to one of your ...
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When I hover over a comment, please change the background color of its parent post and all replies

Problem: When a post has dozens of comments (like this post does), it can be hard to tell which comment is a reply to which. My proposed solution: When I hover my mouse over a comment, please ...
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Some detail on @Username: why doesn't Stack Overflow write a link to the referred user? [duplicate]

I've read the post How do comment @replies work?, but I am not sure I understood how to refer correctly to a user, for example, Sha Wiz Dow Ard. If I got it right, I have to write @ShaWizDowArd ...
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Unable to reply to comments directly [duplicate]

We can't reply to a comment directly, There must be a reply option under each comments, So that if you want to reply to a comment, you click on that option, rather than commenting again!. (for example:...
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Reply button as standard feature for comments? (see from a new user's standpoint)

I do see that there are many questions about having a reply button but they all refer to this question for the answer: "Reply" links on comments This link allows users to install a script ...
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Reply button for comments [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Let’s make it easier to reply within comments! A reply button for comments could come in handy. It could be placed just next to where the pencil is shown when a ...
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Reply to comment button [duplicate]

I would propose to add a small reply button when you want to reply on a comment, just like in chat: Sometimes it is hard to get the exact name of the person right, since he/she uses foreign ...
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A small reply icon for comments [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Let's make it easier to reply within comments! I think the site would be helped by having a small reply icon that appears on hover. Clicking it would start a new comment ...
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Add ability to reply to specific comment

Sometimes someone may post more than one comment on a post. If I am referring to one of their older comments it is hard to tell which one I am responding to, without going into details in the comment (...
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Making @mentions clickable [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: @<name> comments should link to the named person's profile (like twitter) Autolink @username in comments to most recent relevent post with #comment-123546 style ...
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Can we have a reply-to-this-comment arrow to click on, please? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Let's make it easier to reply within comments! In the chat, I became quite fond of the littte arrow to the right of every chat message to reply to that message: It ...
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