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Can we prevent some of the low-quality questions from entering our system?

Stack Overflow has been wildly successful. And maybe in some ways too successful. I am concerned that Stack Overflow is being inundated by a stream of low-quality questions from users who are ...
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Accepting an answer should automatically upvote it as well

Is there ever a case where you would want to accept an answer, but not upvote it? I can't think of a single situation where this would be the case.. So would it not make sense to have the "Accept" ...
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What do you dislike with Stack Overflow? [closed]

Recently, there has been a poll about peoples' addiction to Stack Overflow, and justifiably so, there is a lot to like here. But what are the things you dislike?
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Should we reduce rep bonus for upvotes on posts with a negative score?

This might sound a bit crazy, but hear me out... There's a certain behavior among voters on SO that, while understandable, makes down-voting incorrect or unhelpful answers somewhat counter-productive:...
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I am bad at answering questions on [duplicate]

The basic principles of Stack Overflow are to: ask and get answers, and read and answer questions. I'm good at asking, but when it comes to answering questions I feel like a fool because I lack the ...
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Can (and should) more be done to encourage users to search first and ask only if they don't find an existing answer?

Or, to put it another way: is it a problem that people keep asking question that have multiple, obvious duplicates? I do not intend to address the problem of hard to search for questions, nor of ...
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Lower the rep required to edit community wiki posts (or stop calling them "wiki")

A requirement of 750 rep to edit community wiki posts seems too high. 750 rep will take weeks for most users to acquire. Even an extremely active user will take at least 4 days (at a max of 200 rep ...
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What level of notification should users have for questions they posted answers to (or left comments on)?

Currently, the UserVoice entry "Notify comments for comments" has 69 votes and is ranked 14th. It calls for notifying users whenever comments are added to answers they left comments on. I would like ...
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Where IS the Stack Overflow FAQ?

Apologies if is this is obvious (or if this is the wrong place to ask), but: How do I navigate Stack Overflow? Where is the Stack Overflow FAQ, or introduction for beginners/newbies? I can ...
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Where's the new user tutorial?

I saw a user on SO today that has asked 32 questions on the site, but that's the extent of the user's total activity. The user has awarded no accepted answers (so 0% accept rate), no comments, no ...
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What's going on with the downvotes on Rich B's questions? [closed]

I just noticed three questions that Rich B made which have negative votes: Why is my simple C program displaying garbage to stdout? (fixed) Is there a good library for dealing with the Modbus ...
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Error message returned when attempting to post with a non existant tag could be made clearer

I ended up with a non-existant tag in the tag field of a new question. When I attempted to post it I got this error message: Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because: new users ...
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Would it be useful to show percentage votes in polling questions? [closed]

It just seems that so many poll type questions are thrown out in all the trilogy sites. I figure it might be of some use to provide simple stats on a polling type of question. For instance, if a ...
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Illustrative example of a quality post in FAQ or elsewhere

Just an opinion with insights as a bilingual. I think the FAQ or another area on SO could benefit from a clear illustrative example of what constitutes a quality question in terms of structure. I mean ...
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