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As per the new data retention policy, when will inactive accounts now be deleted?

Prior to May 2017, accounts used to be automatically deleted if they met certain criteria. However, in May 2017, we stopped culling inactive users (see When will inactive accounts be deleted?). Today,...
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How many users does Stack Overflow actually have? [closed]

Stack Overflow has just surpassed 1000000 users user ids. Yet if you go to the /users page, there are "only" 15655 pages. 36 users a page, that's "only" 563,580 users. Since unregistered users also ...
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Is spam in the "about me" field a reason to worry? [duplicate]

There are many inactive user profiles on SO that were clearly registered by spammers. The spam posts (if there were any) are already removed but the profiles remain. Some of them put their spam text ...
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Why can't I delete my account on my own? [duplicate]

I have just been told that in order to delete my Stack Overflow account I need to email [email protected]. What is the reason behind not providing privilege to a user to delete their own ...
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Delete old, unloved, users

I've been putting some thought into Is spam in the "about me" field a reason to worry?, and particularly the statement at the top of the accepted answer: The trick is finding these spam ...
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Why was my previous account deleted automatically and how to get it back? [closed]

My previous account was deleted automatically. And on log in, a new account is created. And on my previous account user398935 is showing in place of a name. What's wrong with my account? How do I ...
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What happens to established user account after long inactivity?

This FAQ When will inactive accounts be deleted? doesn't say anything about established user accounts. An established user can: permanently lose account access. die. What happens to accounts of ...
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Why has the 'total users' count of several beta sites (as listed in Area51) gone down?

I'm keeping track of some statistics on 3 beta sites I participate on, by listing bi-weekly the site's statistics from Area 51. I've been doing this for about 4 years but today I noticed that for the ...
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How do you delete stackexchange account and a question I submitted? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I delete my account? I want to first delete the question I submitted, then I want to delete my account.
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Are some meta accounts deleted? [duplicate]

I am pretty sure that I had an associated Meta account in Stack Exchange already and I have also asked a question. (Though it was marked duplicate and I am not able to search for that question anymore....
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Does anything happen to users who do nothing?

I was curious as to whether anything would happen to this user (perhaps not right away, but down the track): They've signed up and done nothing other ...
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What is total users?

How is total users given? If it is simply number of accounts that had ever been created, then it would be overestimate because there should be accounts that are inactive for a while, possibly ...
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Avoid plain spammers littering “users with flagged posts"

One of the moderator tools shows you users whose posts received the most flags in the last month. This tool is useful as it may help moderators to detect problems before they get big, provide guidance ...
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Is there a way to delete an existing account.? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can I delete my account? Is there a way to delete our existing account from any of the SO account.
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Finding my (beta) Stack Overflow account

I had an account associated with this e-mail account during the Stack Overflow beta. However, when I tired to use it to login it prompted me to sign up again. Did the old accounts get purged at some ...
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