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Are edited questions no longer bumped to the front page?

I've tried editing a couple of questions of mine to get them bumped to the front page - one of them quite substantially. Nothing happened. Does editing no longer have this side-effect?
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Question on SO is not active even though it didn't get an answer accepted

I find some of my questions asked on SO get inactive even though I didn't accept an answer. Since I am looking for better answers or for other reasons. While I find some questions which popup in SO's ...
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Last modification by Community user, but actually not [duplicate]

The last modification here was done by Journeyman Geek (mod): But for some reason, in the question list, the last modification is stated to be by Community (actually a currently deleted user): Is ...
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Having the Community user offering bounties instead of bumping

I dislike when the Community user bumps questions and flags them modified when no (valuable) modification was actually made. It is no longer a problem per se since Unix & Linux SE moderators ...
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Locked question "bumped" by Community bot doesn't appear at top of homepage on web, but does appear at top in apps/the API

According to this bug report, bumping locked questions to the homepage is by design. I disagree with this, but my question is about a different, but related, issue. A couple of times (and today is one ...
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Why does adding a duplicate bump a question if marking it as a duplicate in the first place doesn't?

I recently added questions to the list of duplicates on a couple of closed questions. To my surprise I then found those questions at the top of the homepage. This was surprising to me because closing ...
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What is the point to show to anonymous users posts bumped by Community user? How to prevent that bad questions be bumped in low participation sites?

TL;DR: Showing Community-user bumped questions to anonymous users is more likely to cause harm than good, isn't it? If this is correct, what feature-request should be asked and where (per-site-meta or ...
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Does an upvote on an answer bring the question to the top of the recent list?

I was wondering about this for some time. It already happened to me several times in SO that I had an answer inactive for about an year and then my answer started receiving a bunch of upvotes once ...
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Is the community bot ruining the community by bumping old posts?

I have been an active member of UX Stack Exchange for a little over 2 years and in that time, I have noticed the Community bot push years old posts to the top of the questions homepage. Now, I ...
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Is there a limit to the number of times "community" can bump a question?

How many bumps is too many? Is there a limit to the number of times "Community user" can bump a question? There are questions with one or more unvoted answers that do not attract views, that ...
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Why doesn't the Community user poke?

Why is the Community user always poking unselected questions and not unanswered questions? If we assume that answered (but not selected) questions to unanswered, then - what about the questions which ...
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Do pending edits get bumped to the front page?

If a low-rep user makes an edit which needs to be approved, does it get bumped to front-page? I hardly ever visit main page (am on unix.SE), so I wouldn't have noticed.
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Old question review queue

With the increased usage of technology and particularly with the internet, the world changes at an increasingly rapid rate more than ever before. We’re still relatively bad at creating with this in ...
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Do edits to closed questions bump the question?

This is an addition to the following question: How to tell if you're making the right edits to your closed question? So say you've edited a closed question. Does this bump it on the Active tab ...
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What does "modified 17m ago Community♦ 1" mean

Recently found a question "modified 17m ago Community♦ 1".I can't understand how Community♦ modified it - he didn't edit it, nor its answers.He didn't poke it, if did, it would be written "poked" ...
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