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Do not all answers bump a question?

The question What can cause a question to be bumped? says that answers will bump a question. However, recently I noticed some older questions not being bumped after I answered them. One example is ...
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Do questions have a second chance on the homepage? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I get attention for my old, unanswered questions? I wonder if there is a kind of cycling mechanism about the way the questions show up on the home page... If my ...
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Option allow users to suggest a question is bumped without having to edit it

On Stack Overflow we see a lot of "answers" to old questions that are of the form: Have you got a solution for this yet? Usually where the question has no other answers. This, of course, has the ...
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Yet another suggestion for questions bumped by retagging

There have been countless questions on the topic of question bumping to the main page for tag edits. I won't review or rehash any of that. Here are two suggestions I did not spot as having been made ...
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Detagging 'featured' should not bump

When the featured tag is removed from a question, the question is bumped, as with any other edit. I propose that, when that is the only change to a question, it not be bumped: the point of detagging ...
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Closing question causes a bump?

Recently I closed a question on the Stack Overflow PT as duplicate, and this question was bumped to the home page, as can be seen in the images: Close banner with timestamp: Homepage with ...
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When will question's last_activity_date be updated?

I use Stack Exchange API to get information of questions, I noticed that some comments' last_activity_date is later than the question's last_activity_date, so my question is: when will the question's ...
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Excavator badge awarded for editing question after Community‚ô¶ had bumped it to the home page

I just received an Excavator badge for Why can't I access my FTP server with Windows Explorer?. However, I was just browsing the home page, not merely looking for old posts; this question appeared ...
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Is there a way to solicit 'recipes'? [closed]

I'm a Ruby on Rails developer. I have two pieces of functionality I'd like to accomplish via a Gem. Say I have three Gem choices for one piece, and seven Gem choices for the other piece. I'd like to ...
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Why has every question on Webmasters been modified by Community?

I just had a look through Webmasters briefly, and noticed that most questions on the Unanswered tab have been modified by Community: Upon clicking a question, Community isn't mentioned anywhere. ...
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Deletion of Zombie Questions [duplicate]

This 12-year-old question was just resurrected by a brand-new user: fatal error C1034: windows.h: no include path set The Community system user has a habit of providing attention to un-answered ...
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How to resurface questions that weren't answered [duplicate]

I'm sure that someone has brought this up before, but I can't find it. On some stack exchange sites, particularly smaller ones, not all questions get answered straight away. This means that a question ...
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Sandboxing the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to make it international

The content was taken from the rev. 233 of FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to test an idea shared on a comment to my answer to Help develop the site and community knowledge base in your language. The ...
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Community post-bumping rampage on meta.SFF

UPDATE: After 12 hours of post-bumping Community seems to have gone back into hibernation. Sorry for the noise(?). I know that the Community "user" sometimes bumps posts that have sat unanswered for ...
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What does make Community user "modify" the post, besides bumping?

There is a list of actions of the Community user in "his portfolio": Who is the Community user? However, I would like to know what all actions (besides the bumps) lead to the question being "modified ...
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