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How to move up/*bump* questions on Stack Exchange sites [duplicate]

At times questions are asked without any proper responses that are useful to the person who posts questions, even though there might be few upvoted answers. These generally get pushed back quickly ...
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How to "push up" old questions in SO [duplicate]

Hi, If I asked a question in SO a few months ago, and is still open, if I edit the question will it come up fresh in today's questions? If not, how could one "push" up "older" questions still not ...
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Does re-opening, using the dupe hammer, cause the question to be modified? [duplicate]

I saw my own question in the recently active question lists as this: And I wonder what caused this specific user to show up as having modified it. I know that edits, and (deleted) answers cause a ...
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Why answered questions are reactivated? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What can cause my question to be bumped? I found this and this question on the questions page. At first I was shocked to see that these questions showed "2 mins ago" with 6K ...
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Thread Activity [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What can cause my question to be bumped? When a post has new comments or voting is it moved to the top of the active questions list?
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What are the criteria for Community to bump a question? [duplicate]

One of the tasks of the mysterious Community user is to Randomly poke old unanswered questions every hour so they get some attention We know the following: The Community user will bump non-...
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Old question, new answer ... but it doesn't float to the top? [duplicate]

According to will anybody see my new answer to an old question? a new answer will cause an old question to bubble up to the frontpage. However, I have recently answered a few old questions and ...
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What events result in 'bumping' of a question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What can cause my question to be bumped? The obvious are edits and new answers, however sometimes I notice something else is triggering the bumping. I suspect casting a (not ...
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How does Stack Overflow work for posts? [duplicate]

When I post something, it moves down the pages fast. Does it jump back to the top on an edit, comment or answer?
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Post shown as modified by Community in main page, but nothing modified..? [duplicate]

while browsing the main page of stack overflow parent site, I noticed this: However upon going to the question, I could not see anything modified in there. Am I getting blind, or is this some sort of ...
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new java question not showing up in newest questions, but in homepage [duplicate]

I notice that this question is showing up on the homepage, but not on the newest java questions. Can someone fix this soon? This question is in fact a recurrence of my other question with the same ...
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Does editing a question move it to the front page? [duplicate]

Say, I ask a question. I add details a few days later. Will my question remain in the bottom pile of the feed or be brought to the top of the search list? Do people use this as a method to bump their ...
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Which actions bumps up old question to the first pages? [duplicate]

I meant following pages when I say "first pages" All questions - Top questions -
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Is it possible to bump a question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What can cause my question to be bumped? If I asked a question and there were very few views after couple days and no answers, is it possible to bump it instead of duplicating ...
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Will undeleting my question cause it to appear in "newest questions"? [duplicate]

I posted a question on Super User a few days back on a weekend and it has received no responses/views. Can I delete that question and undelete it again to make it appear in the "Newest Questions" ...
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When multiple edits are coalesced, does that mean only one bump? [duplicate]

If I write an answer, then edit it 4 minutes later, it doesn't show up as edited. Does it still bump the question? Similarly, if I edit my answer, and then re-edit it again 4 minutes later, it only ...
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After my question is downvoted and edited will it still reach users? [duplicate]

Say that I have asked a question on MSE and then it is downvoted, after I edit it to form a better question will my question move up the queue of questions so that people can read it again and upvote ...
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Why are old questions suddenly showing up in DIY? Many are 1-5 years old [duplicate]

Recently I've seen questions that are quite old (1-5 years) suddenly appear on DIY recent questions. I don't seem to be able to close them as "late answers" , maybe I don't yet have enough ...
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Community user - poke old unanswered questions? [duplicate]

I am curious to know if the Community user really pokes unanswered questions. Community User profile says: Randomly poke old unanswered questions every hour so they get some attention In my ...
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When does a post return to the top? [duplicate]

When does an old post return to the top of the question list? It seems to involve re-editing AND a window of time, i.e., if the edit is much later than the original post, it wouldn't move back to the ...
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When a tag is added to an old question, the question is updated? [duplicate]

I want to add new tags to some old questions. Will the question will show up in Top Questions active as it has an updated answer?
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Does unprotecting a question bump it to the front page? [duplicate]

I did quite some research but didn't find a post or FAQ that explained that detail. I ask this because, in case it does bump it, wouldn't that make the question a target for noisy/shallow answers ...
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What actions/interactions cause a question to move to the top of the list? [duplicate]

What actions or interaction on a question cause it to move up / timestamp refresh? For example, I know that for the following... Posting an answer (yes) Voting up a comment (no) Flagging the question ...
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Community doesn't poke questions that are truly unanswered? [duplicate]

I've been going around the unanswered sections of my network, and am I right in assuming that Community doesn't poke questions with 0 answers? Whatever the answer is, can I get an explanation of what ...
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Does LastActivityDate for a question from Posts.xml consider answers, comments, votes? [duplicate]

From some answers regarding LastActivityDate, I know that LastActivityDate of a question considers: a) Posting a question, b) Answering a question, c) Edits to either question or answer(s) I want ...
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Don't lock votes on Meta sites

When I talk about Meta here, I mean any meta but this one. I understand the Idea behind “Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is edited”. However, I don't think this reason applies to meta ...
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Please add a way to 'bump' questions back to the front page

I've noticed quite a few questions cropping up on MetaSO (here, here, and here, for example) concerning the desire to increase visibility for old questions that may not have any answers, or just not ...
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Random question button

Wikipedia has a "Random article" link on the front page that makes it easy for people to start exploring. It would be interesting to have something similar for Stack Overflow, perhaps with an ...
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What is a "locked" post?

On Stack Exchange, a post can sometimes be "locked": What does it mean to lock a post? Who can lock a post? When should a post be locked? Return to FAQ index
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What did Yaakov do to this post?

Looking at the frontpage I saw this: (direct link to question) I remembered seeing this as a really old question, so I decided to look what was changed in this question. First of all I though perhaps ...
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