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A "friends list" on Stack Overflow would be nice

I think it would be nice to have a "friends list" on Stack Overflow. This would allow us to be able to follow the questions and answers that are posted by users that we want to watch/monitor. I ...
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Discourage questions being marked as answered within an hour or so of being posted

I keep on seeing a fair number of questions (such as this one) which get marked as answered within 5-10 minutes of being posted. Sometimes the questions like this are insanely popular and actually see ...
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What is with people who answer questions that are known to be dupes?

When a dupe is posted, someone usually posts a comment to that effect within minutes. That comment usually gets at least a couple of upvotes while the question is still on the front page. If it's a ...
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What if 2 answers are essentially the same? [duplicate]

Look here to see what I mean? Should I ask one of these guys to delete their answer (and merge whatever detail is missing into the other answer)? I'm aware of this other question, but it's a little ...
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Prevent duplicate answer posts to the same question

Not sure if this is much of an enhancement, but thought I would throw it out there anyway. I have noticed sometimes when I have posted an answer to a question fairly quickly and the answer was exactly ...
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Who do you reward points to when more than one is right?

I frequently find that I ask a question and I get several answers that are entered at almost the same time. When all answers are equal, I give the nod to the first one. But what about when both ...
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Should answers be voted down if they repeat the contents of a previous answer?

I have seen countless times on Stack Overflow where another answer imitates a previous answer. This new answer may still receive upvotes, despite the fact that another person has already answered the ...
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How do you consider reputation when rating/accepting similar responses?

To separate the very similar responses, do you think this is a good thing to vote or to accept answers from people in the lowest reputation for giving a chance to evolve to all? Or instead do you ...
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Which answer to accept in case of tie?

Sometimes I ask a simple question and get a couple of almost identical answers within seconds of each other. Which answer should I accept? The fastest -- seems logical, but why promote answering a ...
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How do you handle equivalent, simultaneous answers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What's the appropriate etiquette when two people correctly answer a question at the same time? Sometimes a user asks a question that has a fairly obvious answer, but the ...
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