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How to act when you're being serial upvoted [duplicate]

I'm relatively new in StackOverflow, even though my account is 2 years old, I started actively contributing to site a few months ago. I'm trying to do my best and while doing it, hoping to learn more ...
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Hidden lover and upvotes, fatal attraction? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Nicely discouraging serial upvoting Sometimes I get a burst of upvotes on my questions\answers. It happened just one hour ago, but it's not the first time. Is it casual, ...
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Could new users engaging in a serial upvote be educated as they are doing it [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Nicely discouraging serial upvoting Update after closure: I had not found the other post, despite doing an (admittedly quick) search. There is indeed huge content overlap. ...
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Serial upvoting [duplicate]

Please see my reputation changes here. Yesterday someone serially upvoted all my questions at around 11:46 to 11:57. Seeing which I stopped answering any more questions as all those would go reversed ...
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How to know if I am a serial up voter?

I am not a fraud, I have no acquaintances here whatsoever. I love reading questions and answers here and upvoting what I feel is cool. Sometimes I'm in awe of some answers and questions posted here. ...
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Why can you vote (up or down) every five seconds?

Bounty question (for SO dev team only): why can a user vote two answers (written by the same contributor) from two separate questions in less than 3 seconds? Is there any way you can prevent massive ...
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Am I a victim of an automated serial upvoter script?

I was going through Pekka's post on Serial upvoting issues and I found this line serial upvoting as the expression of thanks from a (usually newbie) user But in my personal opinion what I think ...
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Why doesn't vote "fraud" provide some feedback?

On Stack Overflow, I have tried to consistently vote for some of my friends' answers, since he generally provides good answers to somewhat obscure questions but doesn't get a lot of credit, since they'...
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Is it serial voting if I "investigate" a user and vote on poor questions? [duplicate]

When I come across an awful question like this one, my gut instinct is to "investigate" that user to see what else they have posted. All too often, the user has posted several poor questions that are ...
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A way to increase Positive contributions

Actual (for lack of better title) I think what I'm trying to say is that the current game type system is geared up for people who want to play the game. The game works for Stack Overflow because it ...
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