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Do not delete good duplicates!

This question (currently deleted (visible only to 10kers)) is a great example of a duplicate question that should not be deleted. [Note: this question was later merged into this one, which resulted in ...
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When should I vote to delete a question?

I've recently reached enough reputation on one of the sites to be able to cast delete votes. I am not sure when a question is supposed to be deleted as opposed to just remain closed. What criteria ...
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Question deletions are getting out of hand

Update: Delete votes are now limited, see Should delete votes be limited like close votes?. Should this question have been deleted? Why do people think functional programming will catch on? (now ...
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The Great Question Deletion Audit of 2010 [closed]

First, let me go on record saying I absolutely support the concept that closed questions which are not useful in either content or as a search term variety duplicate, absolutely should be deleted. ...
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Four-year old question with 48 upvotes and 81 stars just got deleted [closed]

I had often referred to this question (for <10k) and last time I checked, it had 48 votes upvotes, 81 stars and 11 answers, with a total of over 100 upvotes. Today, after the question was live for ...
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Great question got deleted [closed]

This is a cross-post from meta.programmers. I think the discussion also belongs here and to be honest, I’m really angry at the moment and I want this to get some attention. Executive summary: ...
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Give Diamond Moderators the Ability to Partially Lock a Post

This question is about Strangest language feature Since it is apparent that a consensus will never be reached on whether this question is an appropriate one for the site or not, I suggest giving ...
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How long should I wait before deleting a closed question?

Consider a run-of-the-mill closed question. Not an egregious case like spam or nonsense or a repost, and not a duplicate that should remain on the site. The question should eventually be deleted, ...
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Highly-viewed question closed as not constructive after 2 years [duplicate]

I asked this question, (10k-only link), Sep 10th, 2010. It was closed Oct 23rd, 2012. How can it be closed two years after the fact? Is ...
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(Yet Another) Deleted Ques/Answer Issue [duplicate]

I had answered someone who asked a very lazy question (-5 votes, link below) that had a real-value answer (+9 votes) and due to three users deleting the question I lost all of those reputation points -...
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Stackoverflow - My Question Was Deleted As Duplicate, Despite Having Non-Dup, Complex, Useful Answers

Even though two of my questions got closed, there were some exceedingly in-depth and useful answers provided for one of them, over 6-7 answers in fact, with time spent answering them on the part of ...
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Don't close questions as duplicate if the original is closed

I asked a meta question a while back which was closed as a duplicate. I notice now that the original question is also closed. Is it the case that once a question has been asked and a verdict reached ...
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Stop closing a question if it's a duplicate of a question which didn't get good answers

Stop closing a question if it's a duplicate of a question which didn't get good or any answers. (This is a request to the people who are in the habit of closing questions) Addition: The goal is to ...
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As future moderators of this website how are you going to eliminate bad impressions? [closed]

I was once surfing the net when I encountered this: Link here Simply put, how can you, future moderators ensure that all questions are treated fairly and will leave questioners satisfied with SO's Q ...
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Highly voted question with great answer marked for deletion

I have a question that has many (60) upvotes and an incredible answer that has 70 up votes. It has been marked as a duplicate and has 3 deletion marks against it. What will happen to the question if ...
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