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Could the tagging system be enhanced to support tag synonyms?

Quite often Transact SQL questions get tagged as t-sql when the convention now is to tag as tsql. However, no matter how hard you can try to educate users that the 'correct' tag is tsql, you're ...
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What's this about labelled tags? [duplicate]

What's with this Adobe logo? I don't use Adobe Flex, I use Flex, the fast lexer, and I've had to add a million tags to my ignored list to try (unsuccessfully) to filter out the questions about this ...
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Merge singular and plural tags [duplicate]

I noticed there're tags that are actually the singular and plural forms of the same term, e.g. string and strings, and I guess most of them should be merged. Here're some possible candidates (tag ...
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Should the create-new-tag threshold be increased? [closed]

There seems to be a general consensus that we have plenty of tags on SO, and I frequently see some to be cleaned up. A script was recently introduced to eliminate single-use tags after 6 months. ...
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Should questions be tagged with both a tag and a "sub-tag"?

In my retagging madness today, I came across a few questions tagged similar to the following: [visual-studio], [visual-studio-2005] My question is: should questions be tagged like this with both ...
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Merge svn and subversion tags [closed]

Now that a batch-retagging feature has seemingly been implimented (for moderators), a tag merge request: svn is an abbreviation for subversion - the two could be merged, probably into the more ...
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Have "Interesting Tags" that are combinations of tags

There are many tags that can have multiple uses. This is fine and good. However, it would help in finding questions that I can actually answer if there was a way to join tags for my Interesting Tags ...
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Allowing users with a nominal amount of rep to submit possible tag synonyms and vote for them

Introduction I really love the new tag synonyms feature, but I think that the process of creating a tag synonym should be improved. Currently, only moderators are allowed to create tag synonyms. ...
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Can't keep a good tag down! [closed]

As might have been expected, now that beginner has been expunged, newbie is starting to take its place!
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Tag Etiquette - Gerunds versus Plurals (or tagging vs. tags)

This is not a retag request, this is merely an inquiry as to preferred protocol. Especially in meta where we discuss the mechanics of the Trilogy, we end up with a lot of tags like [votes] and [...
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Automatic add a tag synonym when a moderator does a mass retag

If a moderator does a mass retag it usually means that the two tags are synonym. Therefore a checkbox in the tag merge page should be added to automatically add those entries as synonyms.
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Tag for two flexes [closed]

Re this question: Lexical Tie-Ins with Flex and Bison there are two things called "flex". Is there another tag for one or the other which could be used instead?
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Merging singular and plural forms of tags [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Merge singular and plural tags Why don't moderators merge tags which are just singular and plural forms of the same word? image - images graph - graphs best-practice - best-...
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Please blacklist the [noob] tag [closed]

[noob] is making a slow come back; there were 8 questions today. Could this tag be either black listed or transformed into an actual word? Currently [noob] pops up in the tag auto complete feature, ...
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[python-3.x] and [python-3.1] should not be synonyms of [python3]

[python-3.x] and [python-3.1] should not be automatically renamed to [python3]. The established tag is [python-3.x] with 345 questions, there are currently only four questions tagged [python3] There ...
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