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Super bug! Multiple migrations [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Why has this question been migrated so many times into Meta ? Extra votes to migrate lead to multiple posts Look at the meta homepage right now. You'll see a ton of ...
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Question deletions are getting out of hand

Update: Delete votes are now limited, see Should delete votes be limited like close votes?. Should this question have been deleted? Why do people think functional programming will catch on? (now ...
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Possible race condition with migration

Definitely a bug. One question on SO was migrated with six close votes. It ended up making two questions on meta after migration. Is this a race condition with the sixth vote causing the question to ...
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Slow response times from [closed]

Anyone currently experiencing a slow response time from I received no response or 504 bad gateway error.
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Multiple copies of a SO question closed as "belongs on meta" generated in meta

This question currently has 19 close votes. More than a dozen duplicate questions of this one have been generated in meta, possibly because of a bug in the migration. See: 1, 2, 3, ..., N, ...
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Closed with more than five votes?

I've seen this happen a few times recently: That question has ten close votes, with each vote after four causing a new "Post Closed" entry. I always ...
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How did I manage to vote twice to close, on two separate cycles of closing?

If you look at the revision list for this question (pointed out to me by The Cat), you can see I voted to close once, then there's a bunch of deleting and undeleting, and then I somehow voted to close ...
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Question migrated from SO to SU has cloned itself

This question has been migrated from SO to SU. But it appears twice on SU: 201502 and 201503, both appear in listings.
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Is Stack Overflow having problems or is my browser not understanding JavaScript anymore?

Something funny is happening. Besides "Ask question", nothing else works for me. I tried to edit one of my posts, upvote/downvote posts, add comments. Nothing worked. Javascript is enabled in the ...
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Post closed three times as duplicate? [closed]

I don't know if this is related to the multiple-migrate problems or the slow response problems but looking at the revision history of this question - makes me wonder - what the heck happened?
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