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New member unable to comment, answer gets deleted catch 22 [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: New users can’t ask for clarifications except as answers I'm a new user and would like to help answer a question (Question link). Ideally I would like to post a comment to ask ...
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What's the justification for the commenting reputation requirement? [duplicate]

You require a reputation of 50 to leave comments on others' questions/answers; the FAQ simply states this as a fact but does not explain it. I'm a new user and I have identified this as an issue very ...
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Prompting for further information [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: New users can't ask for clarifications except as answers Today is my first day using stackoverflow and as such I cannot yet comment - as you need 50 rep points to do so. ...
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Allow anyone to comment but hide low-rep users' comments until reviewed

I've seen so many should-be-a-comment "edits" or "answers" in the review queues by new users, and it's pretty obvious that to them this was the only way to somehow interact with a ...
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How does Stack Exchange attempt to prevent low-quality questions and answers?

Due to its massive (and growing) size, there are a lot of low-quality questions and answers appearing on Stack Overflow. I'm concerned that an influx of low-quality questions and answers create a lot ...
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What makes a good/valid +1 comment?

I just read this post by Jeff Atwood where he mentions that 50 rep should be enough for a user to have learned not to post "+1 AWESOME ANSWER!!1" comments. Well, that got me thinking, I post a fair ...
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Revisit "New users can't ask for clarifications except as answers"

I know there's this: New users can't ask for clarifications except as answers I wonder if this needs revisiting? Probably one of the most flagged "Not an answer" answers I bump into are the ...
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Lower commenting threshold to 1 rep [duplicate]

I know it's like it is for some reason, but on Gaming we get a lot of new users that post comments as answers because they have 1 rep. Is it possible to lower the rep requirement for commenting to 1 ...
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Remove reputation minimum to comment [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Lower the amount of reputation needed to comment On SO, I think that this limit does more harm than good; comments in this thread make some of the points I'm about to here. ...
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Consider: Users with 50 reputation in any of the SO sites should be able to comment everyone in all of the SO sites

I use comments to verify things before I try to answer. I can see way one might want to limit new users from commenting: It prevent spam and unrelated comments, although it has disadvantages as it ...
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Mechanism to Allow New Users to Comment Everywhere [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Lower the amount of reputation needed to comment I understand why Stack Overflow does not allow new users to comment everywhere: this keeps discussions from being dominated by ...
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How do I comment on people's question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do comments work? No, I don't ask about how to answer a question, but make a comment on people's question or answer. I didn't see any comment button.
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How can I contribute when reputation is required?

When I have something to add or request to a question, currently my only option is to answer it. Is the reasoning that I should not contribute because the user will probably not want my help as I ...
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How ask more information about an answer? [duplicate]

Yesterday, I read an interesting answer about drawing histogram in Android application. However, I didn't understand the use of two variables whose one is not initialize. So, I decided to add a ...
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How can I comment to questions when I don't have enough reputation? [duplicate]

I came across a question for which I have the correct answer. But since the question is a duplicate and the answer only requires a link to that question, the best way to provide the link would be in ...
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