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Daily vote limit reached on 37 votes [duplicate]

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How can I cancel my vote? [duplicate]

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What if I want to reverse my vote? [duplicate]

Few times I have decided to change my vote. The problem is that when originally answer is 0 and I vote up and after some though I want to reverse my vote, it goes to -1 vote. Why not 0? I don't ...
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Why voting limit reduced from 40 to 30 for me? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there any voting limits? I was doing review on Stack Overflow. And I have voted 30 times a day. Now when I was voting one question, popup for vote limit reached is came ...
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What is the business logic behind how many close votes one has? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there any voting limits? What is the business logic behind how many close votes one has? To clarify, I'm not asking for more. I simply don't understand where the current ...
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Close Vote Regeneration [duplicate]

When I vote to close a question, there's a message saying that I have X votes left. I assume those regenerate after some time? What are the rules on that? Is it different for different sites across ...
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Why is my vote now too old to be changed? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there any voting limits? I downvoted an answer to one of my questions and then realized later that I read the answer wrong and that it was correct. I went to upvote it and ...
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Bug in the Downvote Reversal? [duplicate]

Yesterday I was serial downvoted on SO - top four marked answers. So, lost 8 rep and was sitting at #,#22. Looks like the script caught it, because there's no downvotes for yesterday when I check ...
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Why has my voting limit been changing frequently? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there any voting limits? I don't know why my voting limit has been changing frequently. Earlier, I was having 40 votes per day, but now the limit has dropped to 32 or 33. ...
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What is "You have 5 votes left today" message? [duplicate]

When I was doing upvote to an answer/question, I encountered the following message: You have 5 votes left today What's that? I think I've too voted-up today.
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Why is registered user unable to upvote answers to own question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there any voting limits? In this question on SO, the (registered) OP is claiming in the comments to each answer that they don't have enough reputation to upvote the answer ...
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Upvote and Downvote Question [duplicate]

Is it possible to upvote question and then downvote that question again and upvote again ad so on ? If yes, what is the consequences of this action ?
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Stackoverflow Up vote counting time 14 hours [duplicate]

This is my 1st post in "Meta Stackexchange". I notice that in "Stackoverflow" the daily "up vote" limit is 40, and if a user complete his daily limit, the next 40 "up vote" will start after 14 hours. ...
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About vox-populi badge [duplicate]

I have voted for 40 [Questions + Answers] , I got warning about daily limit and now I am not able to do new vote as its limit reached but in my Profile Activity it shows 37 out of 40 [37/40], Why? and ...
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How to undo a vote UP or vote DOWN? [duplicate]

In the past and recently I have clicked accidentally on the UP arrow to vote up but this is only an accident. If I click on DOWN arrow to redo my vote, the counter is directly decremented by 1. I ...
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