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Fastest Gun in the West Problem

I feel like there's a problem with Stack Overflow, as the number of people prowling it increases. Each question's answers are sorted by descending score and then by descending time of posting. This ...
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Public Service Announcement: ongoing, offsite discussion about Area 51 graduates' branding

Related Stack Overflow Blog post: Domain Names: The Wrong Question Apparently, the SE team is doing a complete 180° turn and going from this: American audiences, generally, don’t trust series. They ...
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What is the SE team's response to community feedback on the new Area 51 voting system?

When the initial Area 51 voting system's problems started to become apparent and the SE team decided to (quite drastically) change it, they said "Feedback is welcome!" (actual citation from Joel ...
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Proposal for a new voting system on Area 51 [Now with PICTURES!] [closed]

Seeing the recent discussions on the voting system (too many to link them all here), I think I've found the main source of confusion here: mixing the quality of a question with its "on-topic" or "off-...
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Voting on Area51 is very biased

While going through some proposals and voting for questions on Area51, I found myself being very biased since I saw the current results. What was the case for this feature and why is it ok? In my ...
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Asking and voting for good (and bad) questions in Area 51

When you see meta questions like this, you quickly realize people are missing the point of submitting model, exemplary questions as a way to define a site. This is not a race to build up content for ...
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Why no one rational will post "off-topic" questions (and how to possibly fix it):

First off, I get that we should all post the most helpful things for the future sites, and not just what will generate the most rep. But we want the rep system to actively re-inforce that good ...
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Is the area51 codebase the same as SO's?

I noticed a few little bugs that had already been fixed here in the trilogy, so I wonder, Is the area51 a branch from the original code (thus being developed by fog creek instead of Jeff) or is now ...
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Area 51 — Polls and meta questions

Are questions like this appropriate? [Meta] Should this be for research level questions ONLY, in a similar fashion to Should this SE try and accommodate everything from ...
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Help define a Web Applications Stack Exchange site [closed]

Given the commotion around 'banning' web-apps from Super User and that Jeff already suggested it as a 'new' Trilogy site, I would like to ask for some help defining the proposal for a Web Applications ...
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Area 51 questions are randomized every time I click to the next page

When you click on page 2 of the questions, you get a newly randomized list - including repeats from page 1. This makes it nearly impossible to view all questions.
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More deletion votes for example questions

Have I misunderstood the deletion criteria for Area 51? I just ran into my 3 per day limit, and I feel like I've barely begun browsing site proposals. If I have understood correctly, can we have ...
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