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Ways to encourage users to 'Accept' answers

I have thought about ways to encourage people to accept answers on SO (and other sites). I am not certain the best possible way. I would like to encourage feedback as to what you think. Here are a few ...
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Accept Rate badge

Engaged - Member for 6 months of greater with an accept rate of 90% or higher Married - Member for 1 year+ with an accept rate of 90 or higher Bronze/silver maybe. This way new users may see some ...
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Shouldn't there be more incentive to accept an answer?

This is frustrating for new users. I've answered tons of questions thoroughly and correctly, and I've often been the only person to answer. However, these users (usually new or low rep) don't return ...
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Stop acceptance bonuses after some threshold?

If you take a look at this person's profile you'll see that 3/4 of his reputation is from the +2 bonus for accepting an answer. Yes he gains rep very slowly, but I still feel that it is a problem. I ...
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What happens if I stop accepting answers to my questions on Stack Overflow?

Will there be any negative consequences?
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What's with those who ask a question, but don't ever seem to come back to add requested info?

On stackoverflow, there seem to be quite a few programmers who ask a question, usually with one line like: "How do I release memory after memory warning? My app crashes. Thanks and welcome for reply."...
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Should questions with no accepted answers be charged "interest" after awhile?

Nothing real quick but after say 2 months, I think the asker should "owe" 1 rep point for every upvoted answer in a given question. Using me as an example here: I asked this question 9+ months ago ...
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Is it appropriate to comment on people's accept rate? [closed]

I've seen a lot of comments on SO, of the kind (paraphrasing brutally): (on questions) if you start accepting some answers, I might deign to post a reply (on answers) good answer, but perhaps too ...
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Should parasite behaviour be punished somehow?

A recent question got me thinking: Should a user who has asked 270 questions, answered 0 (zero, NULL, zilch) questions and has upvoted two times be allowed to ask even more questions? Should he be ...
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Slow down selfish users [closed]

Is there any way to stop/limit users constantly posting questions, and then leaving them open (ie, not accepting them or closing them)? I've seen it a few times when a user asks a question idiotic or ...
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