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How is commitment progress calculated? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Area 51 Commit Percent I can't understand how is commitment progress calculated for area51 proposed websites. E.g. persian IT q&a site (at the time of writing this ...
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Why do some sites require more commitments than others to launch? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Area 51 Commit Percent For example, Writers launched with just over 200 commitments, but Atheism has more than twice as many and is only at 54%. What determines how many ...
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What can be done with Area 51?

I'm going to argue that Area 51 is not the optimal solution for Stack Exchange. Right now, as it stands, the following occurs: Someone, probably an expert or at least a strong enthusiast, proposes a ...
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How can we make good answers to old questions float to the top?

Occasionally, a great answer is added to an old question. Too often, simply because of the age of the question and the lack of public visibility, that answer will not get any votes. Thus as it stands, ...
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How should "critical mass" be calculated?

In Area 51, the idea behind the Commitment phase is to gather enough committed people to reach a critical mass to insure that the site will be active and seeded with questions and answers for the ...
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How should a new site with a good userbase *outside* the Stack Exchange mainstream get itself bootstrapped?

I recently became aware of the troubles a new site in beta was facing - they had a enthusiastic community that didn't really have much overlap with the existing SE community. They put in a lot of work ...
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Refresh Area 51 commitment when user visits proposal site

The box explaining the commitment percentage on Area 51 states about the commitment score commitment score, based on committers' activity on all other sites and how old the commitment is This ...
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What currently makes an Area 51 proposal successful, and what should make it successful?

Once upon a time, with the question what can be done with Area 51, many users realized that Area 51 doesn't seem to work all of the time, but no one seems to have taken that a step back, in finding ...
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What is the Total Reputation field on Area51?

What does the total reputation field on Area51 represent? It's obviously not the total of the user's reputation on the various sites, as that is the number listed as user reputation.
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Those who commit to a site but don't follow through should lose reputation

To solve this problem, I suggest that if one makes a commitment to contribute to the success of a site, but then does not follow through, they should lose some token reputation on the area51 site.
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Impossible to Launch Site With All New Users on Area 51?

I've been trying to get a technical support site for our game, ROBLOX up and running on Area-51 for the past several days. I whipped 180 people into a fury and sent that to that page (for some reason ...
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Commitment loss at Area 51

The Astronomy proposal on Area 51 has enjoyed a steady, though glacial, increase in commitment percentage. However, within the last four days it dropped by 10 percentage points: 2010-10-11: 42% 2010-...
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Area51 Commitment Progress Bars

Could we have 3 progress bars right underneath that huge percentage (19%) on the right of this page? Each of the progress bars could represent the minimum requirements for beta launch: A total ...
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Making a successful Astronomy SE [closed]

I started to post this as a comment to Jeff's new "QA is Hard, let's go shopping" post, but realized quickly it deserves its own discussion. (A side note, I don't understand why we can't ...
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Why does reputation make your commitment 'heavier'?

If you require a lot of people with lots of reputation across the SO sites, doesn't that mean only programmers will be attracted? In order to get a proposal to beta, you need high rep users, while ...
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