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Circular duplicate link allowed

Circular duplicate links didn't used to be allowed, but I just did it: How to access the system tray using the keyboard? How to access (or switch between) tray icons with shortcut in windows?
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You can vote to close two questions as duplicates of each other [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Prevent circular close as exact duplicate loop As I demonstrated with these two questions:
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Bug: Circular post-closing [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Prevent circular close as exact duplicate loop Turns out it's possible to close three posts as exact duplicate in a circular fashion. For example, Question 1 is closed as a ...
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Remove cyclic close-votes [duplicate]

Situation: Question A have close vote "duplicate of B" Question B has closed as duplicate of A. Example (I seen 1 more before it) It's at least strange. What will happen if it will closed?
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Animations on up voting

What's up with these animations whenever I up-vote/down-vote an answer? Is it a special day? (Birthday, maybe?) EDIT: Oh no, it's March 31st where I am, but this may not hold true for SO-time...
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WMD editor bug: German keyboard layout - "@" creates blockquote section

Looking at the WMD editor tooltips, I see that Ctrl+Q is supposed to create a blockquote: "Blockquote <blockquote> Ctrl+Q" In the German keyboard layout, the @ and Q share one key, you would ...
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Duplicates Mark II, Canonicals, more aggressive duplicate prevention

This question is another take on the duplicates problem. It steals is inspired by ideas from the various posts and feature-requests posted here on meta. Disclaimer: In this post, I am referring to ...
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'Closed as exact duplicate' banner should link more clearly to the exact duplicate

The current interface, or perhaps the wording, can leave users wondering which question is the exact duplicate. So the current closure due to duplicate banner could be improved with a link to the ...
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Duplicate questions both deleted within a minute of closing the newer one--mistake or deliberate?

A new user reposted a question after a couple of hours. He responded to the "possible duplicate of..." comment left by the first close vote with a comment saying sir i haven't got any answers for this ...
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Should I close questions as duplicates of a closed question

Today I was reviewing question for close and I got this question: How to find latitude and longtitude using zipcode only? Someone had proposed that this question was an exact duplicate of this ...
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Two SO Questions, each marked as Duplicate of the other

This is a request for reopening, but under somewhat novel circumstances (probably never to be repeated). I'm asking for discussion because while researching a SciComp.SE Question, I stumbled upon a ...
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How can a question be tagged with a tag synonym?

The question here seems to be tagged with close, which, last I checked, is a synonym of vote-to-close. How is it possible that a question can be tagged with a synonym? Don't synonyms automatically get ...
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Circular duplicates in the close review queue? [duplicate]

I just got this error message: Fair enough; I wasn't really paying attention to the duplicate link at the top of the suggested duplicate, just at the contents. However, this question is in the close ...
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Why is the editor shortcut problem not solved yet? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: WMD editor bug: German keyboard layout - “@” creates blockquote section Why this bug is not solved? It was asked a year ago!
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Back ref double duplicate

Is it possible to mark a question as a duplicate of another, and then the latter as a duplicate of the former? Could it be sometimes useful? I could imagine two answers which are both useful for ...
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