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Are concurrent bounties prohibited? [duplicate]

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Allow more than one bounty at a time [duplicate]

I do not quite see why there is the weird restriction of only one bounty at a time. In fact there have been times when I've had a bounty out and then wanted to place another on a question. If bounties ...
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Why can't I have more than one bounty at once? [duplicate]

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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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How does the bounty system work?

It's possible to offer and award bounties of reputation on questions. What is a bounty? How can I find questions that have a bounty attached? How do I start a bounty? When can I start a bounty? Why ...
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Can the limit on simultaneous bounties be relaxed?

In order to avoid the system being overflown, a limit of one bounty per user at a time was imposed when the new bounty system was introduced, with the plan of looking at this again when some time has ...
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Too many featured questions?

When the bounty system was created it seemed reasonable to set the minimum bounty at 50 reputation. However there are now hundreds of questions under the featured tab. It seems the featured tab has ...
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What's the order of posts in bounty offered tab?

The order of posts in my offered bounties look like this: I don't get it, what's the sorting criteria used here? Post position Offered time first 2023-01-20 10:04:25Z middle 2021-03-15 13:55:51Z ...
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Remove the 24h delay for bounty reason 'One or more of the answers is exemplary and worthy of an additional bounty.' [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should the 24-hour timeout apply to bounties awarded for “exemplary answer”? When I see an answer which is quite good and/or it saved me hours and hours of works, ...
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User-->Active bounties shows multiple bounties

Given: You can only have one active bounty at a time. You can post multiple bounties to one question, sequentially. Process: Post bounty to a specific question Award that bounty Post another bounty ...
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FAQ still says "one open bounty at any time"

I've only just noticed that we're allowed 3 simultaneous bounties (great!) and this is in line with the decision mentioned here and here. However, this change has not found its way into in the FAQ: ...
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Can we have a growing reward​ (separate from bounties) for unanswered questions?

There are sometimes very specific, difficult-to-answer questions which are left unanswered. I just had an idea that might solve this problem: How about a growing reward for questions without answers ...
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Is there any way to edit the bounty amount I allocated for a question?

I posted a question with a bounty reward of 50. Can I edit it to make it 100?
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Why is "start bounty" sometimes not visible?

I'd like to start a bounty on this question on Stack Overflow and on this one, but I don't see the start bounty link there, despite seeing it on other questions. Why?
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Are bounties' place in the Featured tab going to become irrelevant?

I may be wrong about this, but with the new bounty system I can see a lot more bounties coming along - as a result, the Featured tab will become large and varied just like the list of regular ...
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