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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Explicit "do not award bounty" button

Shouldn't there be a way to prevent automatic awarding of a bounty? For example, if someone provides an answer that sounds good but is totally wrong, it may happen that it gets a score of +2, but ...
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Create a tag homepage/FAQ

Create or allow for a community-wiki editable home page per tag. One where we could place essentially the tag-specific FAQ and other tag-specific links. Imported from uservoice
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Do not implicitly award bounty to an answer that has been downvoted by the investor

Sometimes you start a bounty and, since the problem is difficult and people try to reach the bounty, there is higher probability than usual that you get very low quality answers. Sometimes these ...
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Can I award a bounty to myself if I provide the best answer? [duplicate]

I finally found the solution to a problem that was killing me. Before I found it, I asked an SO question about it, and had even started a bounty on the question. Can I now post a self-answer and, if ...
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Add bounty events to revision history

Could timestamps of bounty activity be added to a question's revision history? Or something that would show the bounty events for a question anyway? Obviously the revision entries would need to be ...
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Can I not give a bounty to myself?

I placed a bounty on an old question that I've previously posted an answer to. I'm able to award the bounty to any of the other answers (which were also posted before the bounty was added), but not to ...
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Shouldn't the OP be required to decide on the bounty or face some consequences?

I provided an answer to this question that had an open bounty for 100 points at the time. I responded a couple days before the bounty was set to expire. I put in a fair amount of work into ...
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How to deal with own question which should be deleted with an open bounty?

I have a question on stack overflow: Oracle DB, Glassfish, Hibernate and character encoding After setting a bounty and further testing I discovered that I was indeed getting the right data from the ...
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I want to set a default winner for a bounty

I don't want that default to be visible to anybody but me. I just want to set who gets the bounty when it expires if I don't change my mind. Currently the system picks a winner if you don't pick one ...
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What about the people who legitimately deserve to claim their own bounties?

The bounty system incentivizes people to provide good answers to difficult questions. But if the person offering a bounty later provides the best answer, SO does not allow him to claim the bounty—in ...
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Am I using bounties wrong, or misunderstanding them? [duplicate]

My understanding of the bounty system is that it is intended to help attract attention to questions that need more than they're getting, and to reward people who provide answers which are otherwise ...
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A bounty being offered by another person on a question

I have searched around, but cannot find the answer to this particular question. If another person sets a bounty on a question. If the OP answers the question, can the bounty be awarded to the OP's ...
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Why do I lose the bounty awarded to my own answer? [closed]

I set a bounty (50 pts) on someone else's question, as I found it quite interesting but there had only been one half-answer. I posted an answer, but felt someone else may have been able to put in more ...
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Bounty sniping? Answering only after the 7 day period passes

I find it interesting (not in an encouraging way) that answers start to show up only after the 7 day period expires. The bounty system works by awarding the bounty points to the oldest answer or the ...
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where is my bounty gone? [duplicate]

I had assigned a bounty of +50 to my question on SO. Later on many efforts I got solution and I posted it as answer to my bounty question. I know that one can't get bounty points on his own question. ...
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Has this user awarded a bounty to himself?

I am aware of I just awarded myself a bounty so I'm not sure how this user has been awarding him-/her-self with bounties. It appears to have happened more than once. Is this correct? I thought this ...
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Bounty didn't help

I've had the same issue of this SO question - Eclipse 3.7.0 Indigo with CDT shows many false compilation errors - and since it hadn't solution (the provided answers didn't solve the problem, nor to ...
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Reward bounty to the one asking the question when he found the answer himself

I have a question regarding this question. The OP has put almost all his rep in a bounty on his question (stupid IMHO), and after a while, found out what the actual problem is without any answers. ...
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Can I answer a question I've put a bounty on?

Let's say I find a good question on Stack Overflow then decide to post a bounty on it. A few days later I then stumble upon a solution and decide I want to post an answer. I know the minimum bounty ...
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What happens if an OP doesn't get answers to his question with an open bounty and answers it himself? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the bounty system work? I have gone through the following question that explains everything about the bounty. How does the bounty system work? As this answer says ...
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Would awarding a bounty to yourself make sense, if you are the only answerer and you have given answer before starting the boutny

As I read here it is not possible to award a bounty to yourself. (Which makes sense, since it would make relatively easy to game the system.) Imagine the following hypothetical situation: I ask a ...
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Would it be better if bounties were NOT like ads?

Based on some disappointing early experiences with bounties, I asked this question. I'm new to Meta and didn't structure the question well for my goals, but with some help I've come away with a new ...
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