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How about a very simple date filter for the search? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Add date range to “Advanced Super Ninja Search Options” The feature I miss most when using the otherwise efficient stackoverflow search has always been and still is a very ...
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How do I search for posts before or after a certain date? [duplicate]

I know I can view the newest questions and see the dates of questions/answers, but is there a way to search for questions within a specific date range? I've been trying to edit and clean up old ...
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Making the 'Original Question' and 'Last Answered' dates easy to see instead of assuming duplicate, as tech evolves [duplicate]

There's a lot of talk about removing or penalizing questions because they are "duplicates", but there's a lot of times when a question should be reasonably reasked because the technology or ...
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question search based on posted time [duplicate]

Is there a way to search questions posted between certain date & time. I know I can add it to favorites if I would like to follow the question, but sometimes when I see duplicate question posted ...
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Search inside my own answers

When I write an answer, I like to get a particular answer I wrote earlier for reference. But when I go into my activity tab in the profile page, I do not have any way to find out which answer it is. I ...
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How can I sort questions by date(s) on the all-Stack Exchange search results page?

How can I sort questions that are returned to queries on the overall Stack Exchange search (so not a meta site, nor a main site like Stack Overflow), by date? For example, how could I sort the ...
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Searching by date

I've had a look through previous questions on Meta and haven't been able to find an answer to this. Does StackOverflow provide any ability to search by date? For example, if I wanted to search for ...
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Search by age, activity, date, time, …

I sometimes whish to use advanced searches to filter specific time windows. One could filter based on when a question was asked, or when it was last active. You might want to suppress brand new ...
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Custom queries?

Is there anyway to create some kind of a custom query or filer on SO? What I'd like to see is a list of questions asked in the past 7 days with no replies at all, within my set of interested tags, ...
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Can we update the search tips to include all available operators?

There are a couple of things missing from the "advanced search tips": Add date range to "Advanced Super Ninja Search Options" Search just code Can we update the tips, please?
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How to search for wiki questions after the removal of the "make community wiki" option : Shows all community wiki questions. How would I be able to search for wiki questions that have been made after the change in October, Users can not mark ...
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List questions after a certain date

Is there a way of listing only questions posted after a certain date? For instance if I click on the C++ tag, the search box shows [c++]. I'd like to edit the search box to have instead something like ...
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Make Questions/Answers with Extreme Votes visible below 10k rep?

With 10k rep we get access to the Tools that show "interesting" activity, presumably to turn users into assistant-moderators. However, I often find myself looking at the high voted stuff simply ...
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Allow searching for questions that are still unanswered after some period of time

I just saw the question Add date range to "Advanced Super Ninja Search Options" for improved general date search options. Those would be great. A specific useful situation would be finding all ...
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Highest voted questions in the last n days

How can I search for the highest voted questions that were asked in the last, say, 5 days?