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Does it make sense to keep downvoting a question that has been accepted? [duplicate]

I asked an honest question yesterday (my second ever on meta), and was dissapointed albeit unsurprised to be met with 6 downvotes -- many of which came after I accepted the answer. As soon as the ...
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Block downvoting a closed question [duplicate]

I think it shouldn't be possible to up or down vote a closed question. Here is an example: Ask a stupid off topic question, and ask someone to quickly answer it before it is closed by moderator. You ...
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Can you help me understand why my answer got down-voted on SO? [duplicate]

I felt like I fully answered a question somebody had, but I still got down-voted. I think it's because what they asked was not a recommended practice, but I don't understand why my answer was down-...
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What to do with a question with nine downvotes? [duplicate]

Recently I got nine downvotes for one of my questions which I think is OK to be asked in Stack Overflow: Is the preprocessor macro "#define TRUE FALSE'" valid? The question is on ...
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Advice on rehabilitating an unpopular Meta question (or not) [duplicate]

I recently submitted an MSO discussion question. In very short order it has been downvoted to the point where it appears on the rogues gallery of downvoted questions (i.e. the last page of questions ...
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Question getting downvoted, but unable to delete the question, 2 years later [duplicate]

I've started getting downvoted, for some reason, on a 2-3 year old question here:
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Suggestion was tagged with status-declined and keep getting downvotes [duplicate]

I know that here on meta, downvoting mean disagree, but why the people continue downvoting it even after it already was declined? The OP admited that the suggestion was bad and asked for sorry, but ...
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Single Unpopular Question eats all reputations and limits low rep users [duplicate]

I have notices that sometimes a single unpopular question eats all user reputation, for users with less reputation, it may lower their reputation so that they can't even downvote or they loss other ...
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What are "Community Wiki" posts?

Some questions and answers are marked Community Wiki and are owned by a community wiki user: (In fact, this very question is one of them) Why have Community Wiki posts? How do Community Wiki posts ...
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Is "Don't do it" a valid answer?

If someone asks how to do XYZ, and you think doing XYZ at all is a Bad Idea™, is it valid to post an answer saying so? You aren't answering the question, but instead, arguing the question's validity. ...
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Should Programmers.SE exist? [closed]

Edit Wow I got royally lynched for this. Please see the accepted answer which illustrates the reasons for Programmers to exist pretty well. I'd like to say for the record I stand corrected - ...
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Punishment for people trying to learn SO etiquette

I understand why this question was marked as a duplicate, but the huge torrent of downvotes seems completely unwarranted. I also understand the general atmosphere of Stack Overflow isn't really new-...
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When should we be enforcing the affiliation requirement?

The FAQ for this states: Post good, relevant answers, and if some (but not all) happen to be about your product or website, so be it. However, you must disclose your affiliation in your answers. I'...
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Is this really the appropriate response to a "helpful" flag?

This is what I just got to a flag that I put on an old dumb question of mine I wrote: Can this please be deleted? It is old and irrelevant. Thank you. And it would have been fine if it was just ...
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"More linked questions" view does not show all linked questions

I have a favourite canonical question for PDO problems, "How to squeeze error message out of PDO?" It's been used many dozens of times, as the "linked" column on that question shows. In fact, there ...
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