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Are there any clones/alternatives for running a Stack Exchange style Q&A site?

Since the source code for this site isn't available for purchase or external use, I'm looking for software that can run a Q&A environment similar to Stack Exchange. Are there any such pieces of ...
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What is Stack Overflow's business model?

I once answered a question that asked how Stack Overflow makes money, but that was before the time of VC. Now, Stack Overflow has cash, and they have an ever-growing list of employees, but where's the ...
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Is Stack Exchange / Stack Overflow available for private or internal use?

Is the Stack Exchange engine that powers Stack Overflow available to download or install internally for an enterprise or company? I think Stack Exchange's engine is very great and could be very cool ...
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Are there going to be public details about the enterprise version of SE?

Apparently it is possible to purchase a Stack Exchange site again. What is considered a large organization? Google/Apple/MS sized organizations? Obviously it will cost a fair bit, but any information ...
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Making my own SE-ish site

About 7 months ago, I was hired to the company I work at now. I was asked to bring some new ideas to the table. I instantly thought of a Q&A site similar to stackoverflow to target our marketed ...
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Mini SE plugin for small products

I have a product proposal. Let me describe the business problem first: My company has recently launched a product. Obviously, we needed a place to answer user questions. We hate old fashioned forums ...
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Where can I get a Stack Overflow-like site to use as my company's knowledge base? [duplicate]

Where can I get a Stack Overflow-like site to use as my company's knowledge base?
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Stack Exchange for in-house use [duplicate]

Is Stack Overflow's implementation available for in-house use (à la MediaWiki)? I'm thinking my company could really benefit from the kind of service Stack Overflow provides, but the entire ...
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I want a "Stack Overflow" for my community website [duplicate]

I administer a community website — currently on dotnetnuke, which can't change right now — and I'd really like to replace my forums with something like Stack Overflow, but it has to be on ...
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Can Stack Exchange be customized to specific projects? [duplicate]

We are a NGO looking for something 99% similar to Stack Overflow for analyzing and suggesting improvements in legislation. I have tried searching for terms and conditions for getting Stack Overflow ...
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Using Stack Overflow as a service [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Creating an internal stack exchange for proprietary questions? Stack Overflow clones I am wondering whether it is possible to use Stack Overflow as a service Q&A ...
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Showing posts only to logged on users?

This is a bit of an odd question. I do have an idea for a possible site, but before I even propose it I wanted to check if there is something that Stack Exchange software can do (or be updated to do), ...
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Buying a Stack Overflow License [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can Stack Exchange be customized to specific projects? We were interested in using Stack Overflow's technology on our website and heard that you have to purchase a licenseto ...
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Can Stack Exchange sites be private? [duplicate]

Are sites proposed on Area 51 allowed restrict access to a group of people smaller/more specific than "the general public"? For example: only registered users of an existing web app?
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How much to set up a website like this? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Creating an internal stack exchange for proprietary questions? I am a dedicated user of Stack Overflow, and now my team seems also interested in getting a similar website ...
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