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Closing an earlier post as a duplicate of a later one [duplicate]

Suppose there are two questions that are very obviously duplicates of one another. The one that came first has maybe a few votes and no answers. The second has double the votes of the first and ...
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What if the duplicate is better than the original? [duplicate]

This question got closed as duplicate of this question. The later question is both better worded (also has more votes) and better answers (more votes, and a workaround that's not in the original.) ...
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Double posts: close the older or newer one? [duplicate]

I sometimes come across double posts (the exact same question, same user, posted within a short time). An example is this: first, second, posted with a minute or two between them. My reaction was to ...
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Is it OK to retrospectively close as a duplicate? [duplicate]

Suppose a question is asked, answered and accepted, then at some later date another duplicate question is asked, also answered and accepted, but no one picks up the duplication. If the second ...
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Should I vote to close a duplicate question, even though it's much newer, and has more up to date answers?

I have seen this many times, a question is being asked because a previous, duplicate question was asked and answered a few years ago and has no longer relevant answers. The recommendation is to edit ...
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Should the "closed as duplicate" message be altered?

Here's what the closed-as-duplicate message looks like: marked as duplicate by johndoe1, johndoe2, johndoe3, johndoe4, johndoe5 May 5 '55 at 5:55 This question has been asked before and already has ...
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Which duplicate questions should be closed? [duplicate]

When a question (probably with several answers) that was asked a long time ago gets bumped via an edit or another answer sometimes it is discovered that there are duplicate questions. In most cases ...
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Why did an older, more general question get closed in favor of a newer one?

This question Why do search engines ignore symbols? was closed in favor of this one So why did the ...
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Old questions marked as duplicate of newer ones? [duplicate]

I have seen a few questions which have been marked as duplicate although they the questions have been asked before the question they are marked duplicate of. For eg, This question (I will call this ...
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Should a very popular question be closed as a duplicate of one that is older but extremely less popular? [duplicate]

Should a very popular question be closed as a duplicate one that is older but extremely less popular? I ask because Do you print your source code? If so why? was closed as a duplicate of the older ...
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Is there a limit to the number of duplicate questions?

I had a question today. As usual, I searched and found my question already on SO - with a really great answer. I noticed in the comments it was marked "Possible Duplicate: ...", so I checked ...
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