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Stack Exchange sites look TERRIBLE in Internet explorer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which browsers are officially supported? And what else do I need? ...Three. It even causes a General Protection Fault! Please fix this.
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How to fix SO's questions page in IE6? [duplicate] When browsed in IE6, the left part of each question is wrongly aligned. How to fix it? Don't tell me to abandon IE6, seriously. Be technical, thanks.
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How do I solve the 'Verification Human CAPTCHA Secret sign' on Opera Mini? [duplicate]

I am trying to log in using Opera Mini. How can I solve the 'Verification Human CAPTCHA Secret sign', since it doesn't pop up any button to click on?
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No username password text box in Internet explorer 6.0.2 [duplicate]

I used to access StackOverflow with Google Chrome but unfortunately today I am trying to login from IE 6.0.2 but when Click on "Login" link I am redirected to "Login page" but there is no "username" ...
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Can't login when cookies are disabled in Chrome [duplicate]

With these settings in Chrome, everything works fine. But with these settings, I cannot login. And with the above settings, clicking these login buttons also do nothing, no effect, no ...
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Reputation Graph X Axis Bug in Edge and IE [duplicate]

The small reputation graph on the profile page is broken in Edge and IE: While in Chrome it looks like this: Firefox also shows it correctly. I have not tested Safari. I know the Edge rendering ...
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Soft-hyphen hides subsequent text when using Opera 12.16 [duplicate]

I saw this answer over at and thought 'Hey, a typing error! Let's fix it.' I went into edit mode and saw that the word is already written correctly: 'streichen'. I am ...
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Mobile link broken on my phone [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which browsers are officially supported? And what else do I need? I'm using a Nokia C5-04. When I visit the site, it defaults to the non-mobile version of Stackoverflow. ...
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Why doesn't the privacy popup go away? Can you fix it? [duplicate]

I sometimes have a popup that shows up and refuses to go. Regardless what button I click it doesn't react. It just stays and covers part of the page. I have to resort to ctrl-shift-C to remove it. ...
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JLU SE site doesn't work in PS3 browser [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which browsers are officially supported? And what else do I need? I try to vote, post comments, view vote counts, post answers, but to no avail--the buttons simply don't do ...
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Japanese version of Stack Overflow not working in Opera Mini browser [duplicate]

I am unable to use the Japanese version of Stack Overflow. I have an account on here. The problem I am facing is this: Whenever I try to upvote/downvote or post questions/answers, I get an error: ...
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Cannot log in to Stack Overflow with IE10 [duplicate]

I originally tried to update the issue that is described here, which I'm also having. Unfortunately that edit got rejected, so I guess I have to write my own question. When I try to log in to Stack ...
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I don't see all the asked questions [duplicate]

In Stack Overflow, when visit any user account page, including my own, I can't see all the asked questions. On the pager, I see the "next" link, but it doesn't work for all users, and I can only see ...
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I am no longer able to vote or comment, and am only able to answer a question. What changed? [duplicate]

I see that changes have been recently made. New responsive Activity page The timing coincides with my inability to comment in most parts of the SE network, or even vote up or down on anything. Any ...
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Lines are showing up through badge displays on Meta.SE profiles [duplicate]

I noticed that there's a small black line through the bronze badge display on my Meta.SE profile, as shown here: I've also seen it on Shog9's profile. It's on some, but not others. On another ...
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