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Why do these buttons (Accept all cookies - Customize settings - review your question) not work on my browser? [duplicate]

In some browsers, these buttons do not work. Your privacy By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our ...
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Clicking on share reloads the page on a slow connection

Clicking on share reloads the page on a slow connection. Tested on Chrome 105.0.5195.102 + Windows 10. I don't think it should reload the page. Demo: Not sure if I should tag as bug or feature ...
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Should I report issues on iPad?

I was using my iPad recently, and realised how weird the formatting was on the SE sites, like really screwed up - profile page, question page, review queues etc. Should I report the issue? Or do I not ...
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When JavaScript is disabled, sort orders other than "votes" are buggy

I normally browse Stack Exchange with JavaScript disabled, and reading, searching, etc. mostly work just fine in that context. However, sort orders other than "votes" are broken, for users ...
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John Oliver calling out Stack Exchange cookie dialog

In the recent Data Brokers episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver showed this picture: (jump to relevant part around 18:57) which is of the Stack Exchange cookie screen. He said this: Privacy ...
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Input box keeps snapping to the bottom of the text when writing a new post or editing it

Since Deprecating our mobile views, I have noticed an annoying bug affecting writing or editing answer or question posts on a mobile phone. If you are in the middle of a long portion of text, if you ...
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Why doesn't the privacy popup go away? Can you fix it? [duplicate]

I sometimes have a popup that shows up and refuses to go. Regardless what button I click it doesn't react. It just stays and covers part of the page. I have to resort to ctrl-shift-C to remove it. ...
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JS broken on older web browsers due to undefined 'globalThis'

It seems a recent change in StackExchange has rendered it no longer working correctly on my browser (Firefox 60.7esr). The error message is: ReferenceError: globalThis is not defined As a result, ...
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Stack Exchange Cookies Customize Settings Fails on Firefox on Raspberry Pi [duplicate]

Unable to remove privacy popup without clicking 'Accept all cookies', which seems like it will work ('Customize settings' does nothing). For this system, this forces me to accept all cookies which is ...
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I am no longer able to vote or comment, and am only able to answer a question. What changed? [duplicate]

I see that changes have been recently made. New responsive Activity page The timing coincides with my inability to comment in most parts of the SE network, or even vote up or down on anything. Any ...
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Logging in via Chrome on Android: Request lacked state, may have been forged

I get this semi-regularly when I try to log into sites on the stackexchange network, today it's for I follow the pattern of Log in→Log in with Google and I get the familiar error ...
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Microsoft is dropping support for Edge Legacy. Is it time to formally drop support for it on SE?

Microsoft has officially dropped support for Edge Legacy (the EdgeHTML build), with the only supported version being the Chromium-based. The supported browser listing suggests the last two versions ...
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Link to cookie policy doesn't work in "Accept all cookies" popup

See also, a more narrow bug here (tagged "status-completed", incorrectly(?)). Upon visiting some SE sites (e.g., logged in or not, I receive this popup: The "Customize ...
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"Submit" button in review queues remains Disabled

I noticed that when reviewing the review queues the "Submit" button is not being enable to finish the review. I checked on U&L, AU, SO, SU but none working (in all review queues same ...
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Comment Overflow?

I was reading this question when I saw a bug with this comment: It is quite evident that the user who commented this included some code in his comment, but the comment just, well, overflowed. I am ...

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