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Limits for self-promotion in answers

It's been covered before that posting links to your own website is ok, but should there be a line drawn? There were several spam flags today for Ira Baxter's recent posts, presumably because they all ...
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Why are Stack Overflow people nice? [closed]

People on Stack Overflow are always ready to help someone solve their problem, and I think I owe many thanks to all of those nice people. Sometimes I wonder what makes people want to help, want to ...
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Why don't we treat rubbish the same as spam?

Spam gets fairly heavily punished - 100 reputation penalty, if I recall correctly, and the content itself gets hidden in the revision history. Now if we just have some rubbish: ...
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Why is this not spam?

I saw this answer on the low quality posts queue. I thought it was spam, and was going to recommend deletion (as 4 out of the 5 reviewers did), but then I noticed it was recently edited by a moderator....
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To flag or not to flag and a request for auditing

This describes flag weight (10k+ link) There is a link to an answer (from Marc Gravell) from another question Are the new moderator ...
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What could be done to stop the misuse of the spam and offensive flags?

I have finally reached 10k on stackoverflow and since then got into the habit of taking a look at the flagged posts every once in a while. A surprising and recurring theme among posts flagged as spam ...
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Is this really not spam?

Today I flagged this answer as spam. I thought it was really obvious, user linking to a site with same name as the user, the link was also in the profile. Additionally the answer seemed rather content-...
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Hidden-features question closed for DrRacket as 'too localised'

"What are the “hidden features” of the DrRacket IDE was closed as 'too localised', which surprised me as it is the IDE for popular and well regarded Lisp-family language 'Racket' previously known as ...
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Educating people who misuse flags regularly

These posts all have spam flags on SO right now (some more than one): PostgreSQL "DESCRIBE TABLE" https://...
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Rename the "Spam" flag option to "Advertisement"

The definition of spam is indiscriminately bulk advertising a product, company, website or similar. However many of our users use a very different definition of spam; somewhere along the lines of "a ...
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