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When is it appropriate to link to your own paywalled website from your answers? [duplicate]

I've encountered this answer on SO. At the end of the answer the user has placed a link to his article on a 3rd party site that requires paid subscription before reading articles. This makes the link ...
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Why were my answers about using a library I've created deleted? [duplicate]

A Stack Overflow moderator, Bill The Lizard, just erased almost all answers I've given. They are valid though! They are in context with the questions made, and yes, they redirect people to use a ...
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How to not get suprised to learn your answers got deleted [duplicate]

Currently, I have a few answers that link to my blog posts. I do this because the answers and concepts are pretty long-winded. Recently a moderator deleted the answers I did this with. I didn't know ...
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Are these type of answers considered self promoting? [duplicate]

This user has an unusually large amount of answers where he seems to almost always point to WPF Application Framework (WAF) - The questions have around a long time so I'm ...
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What is the correct way to add your own commercial product to an answer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I mention my own products in answers? Limits for self-promotion in answers My company has a product that is the answer to many questions on Stack Overflow. The ...
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Should answers by new users who seem to have signed up just to recommend a site/product multiple times be flagged as spam? [duplicate]

Every now and then, when reviewing the New answers to old questions list, I find answers recommending a third-party tool or site. They're probably not the best kind of answer but in the context of ...
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Is it allowed to put links to personal technical blogs having advertising in SO answers or comment? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Limits for self-promotion in answers I understand that one should not excessively promote a product or a website via SO. Yet, I maintain a technical blog with my own personal ...
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How to respond to potential conflicts of interest in answers [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I mention my own products in answers? Limits for self-promotion in answers How can I link to an external resource in a community-friendly way? I've come across ...
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Lack of disclosure where disclosure is required vs. voluntary disclosure where none is strictly required [duplicate]

Problem (The question will be found at the end, Question.) As a user of any Stack Exchange's community, you most likely stumbled through a post where for you that would be considered spam, but you'...
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What is the Stack Overflow policy on plugging your own product when relevant? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it appropriate to mention my product in a StackOverflow answer? Limits for self-promotion in answers I openly admit it in the answer that I am a developer working on the (...
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Self Promotion Rules [duplicate]

I have been using Stack Overflow for some time now and find it a great Q&A site where I have got a lot of help and, I hope, have been able to give back something from time to time. I am now ...
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On-topic commercial self-promotion [duplicate]

User amrith has posted several answers, all of which are on-topic but are essentially advertisements for software his company has for sale. They are also formatted like an email instead of an answer. ...
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Can I create a self-answered question and add my website as a reference? [duplicate]

I've some interesting Q&A posts about programming in my personal blog and I would like to post these questions (and the respective answers) on Stack Overflow, because a lot of people can be helped ...
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Moderators... on Cross Validated [duplicate]

Suppose there is a question, "How to get started with applying item response theory and what software to use?" Suppose the top-rated answer cites my name and work a couple of times. Suppose all ...
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Is it considered bad form to link to paid tutorial? [duplicate]

I've made a Pluralsight training course for users of my open source library, as a resource to help answer in detail lots of the most commonly asked questions. You do however need to be a Pluralsight ...
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