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What's the policy about having multiple user accounts? [duplicate]

Take this example: all SO user accounts of user known as "icepax". I can imagine of any human reasons to create a new user account at SO, e.g. willing to restart with a clean (reputation) history. ...
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I am a sockpuppet; may I exist if I have a real purpose? [duplicate]

I am a sockpuppet account of Josh, AKA The Unhandled Exception. I am going to help him test the XMPP chat integration system he's building. Am I allowed to exist? I promise to behave, and never leave ...
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Is it OK to close an on-topic question from a bad user? [duplicate]

Imagine the following scenario. A user gets suspended (fairly) on some site, then creates a new account and asks an on-topic question (the new account asks the question and does nothing else). The IP ...
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Can sock puppets be used to curate more content? [duplicate]

From a single account, one is rate-limited in how many votes can be cast per day (depending on privilege level for some vote types). Similarly, there is a rate-limit on how many reviews can be ...
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Is it appropriate for a mod to use sockpuppets? [duplicate]

Yesterday in a SE site there was an answer claiming that the accepted and upvoted answer was blatantly wrong and there was a gross mistake. The poster revealed that the accepted answer was by a ...
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How can I make a new account when I am question banned? [duplicate]

I have an account on Seasoned Advice, but it has been question banned. I would like to create an additional account so I can continue to ask questions. How can I do this?
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Is it tolerated to upvote one's own comments using a separate account? [duplicate]

I know users can have more than one account on any given site; as long as they don't use their 2nd or 3rd accounts as sockpuppets, Stack Exchange is happy. There's a whole series of argumentations ...
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Is downvoting your own question as an alt account, could that get you banned or something? [duplicate]

Obviously, upvoting your own question as an alt account is voting fraud, but what if I were to downvote my own question as a sockpuppet? How would that look?
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How many votes on questions by sock puppets does it take to suspend his account? [duplicate]

If a sock puppet votes on a question or an answer, how many times can it do that before the account gets suspended or deleted?
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Is it legal on SE network for a person to have two accounts? [duplicate]

I'm currently blocked from asking any question in Physics SE, due to a few foolish questions which I had asked there (I admit the questions are foolish). However, now I have quite a few questions, to ...
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Will the user be suspended if I upvote all his answers with genuine interest? [duplicate]

Okay, so it's a very hypothetical question. I'll tell you where I come from ... Last year, on Stack Overflow there was some sort of fake account made and I have no idea why that guy/girl ...
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Why did I get suspended for 6 days with all my votes reversed? [duplicate]

So in Chemistry and Math Stack Exchange I got suspended for six days and got my votes reversed. I believe that is because the moderators thought that I voted for myself. So basically what was ...
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Is it abusive to use a sockpuppet account for API calls? [duplicate]

Other questions ask about acceptable use of sockpuppet accounts, but I'm interested in if using multiple sockpuppet accounts for API calls. In my mind the answer would be that they're not abusive ...
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how join two account from stackoverflow [duplicate]

I am new. I have two account on stackoverflow a personal and other for my work like developer and I think that moderators think , that I have multiple account and they say me that "please stop ...
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Is it ok to use an alternate account while my main user is restricted? [duplicate]

I'm new to Stack Exchange, and my main user only has 16+ rep. And it's been blocked in Code Review. I need to use Code Review today. Should I use an alternate account?
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