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What to do when you encounter vengeful users? [duplicate]

I had an interaction today with a very high-rep user who posted a sloppy answer with both syntax and logic errors. I pointed these out (as I often do when I see code that won't compile or uses ...
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Should I edit a question or answer with offensive content? [duplicate]

Occasionally, I will see a post that has PG (or even PG-13) rated content. The offensive flag can be applied to these posts. Should I wait for the community to declare it offensive and have the post ...
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How does the “rude or abusive” flag work? [duplicate]

It is possible to flag a post as “rude or abusive” (formerly “offensive”). What is the effect of the “rude or abusive” flag? When should the “rude or abusive” flag be used? Is there any way to remove ...
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How to deal with users posting religious threats? [duplicate]

Just a few minutes ago, a particular user created two accounts and posted threatening posts against a certain religion. In such cases, what should be the action taken because the user can just keep ...
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How to handle spam questions [duplicate]

It has been suggested that this question is a duplicate of others. Sorry, but it is not. I am merely addressing the issue of: "flag the post right away as well as editing it, hoping for ...
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What are appropriate criteria for flagging a post as spam? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the spam flag work? The title says it all, really; there's a "spam" criterion for flagging both questions and answers. What is it that makes something "spam"? Is it ...
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How should we flag obvious troll questions? [duplicate]

From time to time, I encounter questions that are obviously trolling (i.e., not a real question) but not spam and not using abusive language and I often wonder what the best course of action is when ...
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Is it possible (in 2019) to appeal a Community♦ judgement? ("This question was deleted as spam or offensive") [duplicate]

Earlier today I asked a question, seeking to clarify whether Stack Exchange (the commercial organisation) subscribes to a particular pseudo-scientific idea or not. There ensued an animated, albeit ...
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Moderation tools for spam [duplicate]

What kind of moderation tools are available in Stackexchange to delete questions automatically that contain specified keywords or download links? It's been few weeks that I see someone making new ...
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Understanding spam-flagging [duplicate]

Sorry if this question has already been asked, but I want to get deeper insight in why my spam-flagging was declined. I flagged this post as spam: In my ...
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Abusive, but not rude [duplicate]

I came across a post, which was basically gibberish like "hsuheuduehuhfuheufhufe". Originally I marked it as spam, but it was not accepted. Why? It should have been marked at rude and abusive. ...
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enhance flag dialog box with more descriptive choices [duplicate]

When clicking flag on a question, a dialog box pops up with 4 radio buttons: it needs ♦ moderator attention it doesn't belong here, or it is a duplicate it is spam it is not welcome in our community ...
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What's considered "rude or abusive" on SE sites? [duplicate]

I've seen a few SO/SE posts or answers that are mildly rude, abusive, or snarky (criticizing the post author's work, etc). But I've never flagged any as rude or abusive simply because I don't know if ...
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Where can I find explanations about flags? [duplicate]

I know this is a newbie question, and most likely a duplicate, but for some reason can find it. Were do I find the explanations about flags, what they are in one compact place. I resonantly flagged a ...
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Can I use spam and RA flags interchangeably? [duplicate]

If I flag trolling as spam, or flag spam as rude or abusive, will that be a big deal? Sometimes I come across a malicious post but at first glance I can't tell whether it's spam or trolling. In that ...
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