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Tag hierarchy absence - design reasons? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Implicit tagging hierarchy I've seen some references on MSO to the fact that Jeff rejected (supposedly repeatedly) the idea of a tag hierarchy. However, my searching failed to ...
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Is there any plan to introduce a hierarchical tag model to accommodate version-specific tags? [duplicate]

When I visit I'm mostly interested in Python-related questions, so naturally python is the first tag I search for, but then I feel compelled to also check out python-2.7, python-3.x, ...
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A proposal for tag hierarchy on Stack Exchange sites

Executive summary Introduction of sparse hierarchy (partial inheritance relation) into the set of tags on Stack Exchange sites, in order to allow more efficient question organization/filtering/...
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Tagging best practices

I am wondering what I should do when tagging a question that fits multiple tags, in the particular case were the question might belong to general as well as more specific tags. Let me give you an ...
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Should the amount of possible edit suggestions per day be limited? [duplicate]

As a reviewer noted nicely: User is editing too much post today. Obviously not interested in content but in reputation Not exactly a valid rejection reason in general, but said user suggested many ...
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Tag hierarchy to browse through tags [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: A proposal for tag hierarchy on SO Since so many thousands of tags and topics exist, it would be really useful to visually browse through tags by organizing them into a ...
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Another kind of tag hierarchy/relationship

Ok, now we have synonyms which is great and helps a bit more to organize the tags. But I think we need something more (in addition). I know that having tag hierarchy was proposed before and more or ...
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On guidelines to tagging and avoiding unnecessary tags

I wasn't able to find guidelines as to how generally tagging is done on SO (and possibly other SE sites). Not that we want to have a long list of rules or rule-likes but something tags such as python ...
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How to ensure that questions get super tags?

By super tagging I mean for example adding tags such as visual-studio to a question tagged visual-studio-2010. Why this would be desirable: it is easier to ignore / follow a single super tag rather ...
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Is there a notion of "primary tags"?

Are some tags more important than others? Is there something like a "primary tag" that identifies the largest-scope problem domain which always appears first? For example, in this question, the ...
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Encouraging users to specify required related tags

A lot of the regex questions on SO are just tagged regex, and nothing else. Just a few examples: Regex: how do I capture the file extension? using regex to trim off last few digits extracting first ...
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If a question is tagged [stackoverflow], propose to directly post it on meta instead

Some new users seems to have trouble grasping the idea of meta.SO vs SO itself and post questions about the site on SO using the tag stackoverflow. Sure, its tag wiki excerpt has this disclaimer If ...
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A simplified proposal for tag parents for versioning

There have been other proposals for this, but please allow me to present this in a new, simplified approach. Premise We can mainly distinguish 4 types of tags on SO: [concept] (such as [memory-...
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suggestion: tag inheritance (not the tag "inheritance", but the concept of tag inheritance) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Another kind of tag hierarchy/relationship Could we make tags imply other tags? i already suggested this here but i think this suggestion deserves it's own "question". ...
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Would specialized version tags be useful?

Now, there are questions that relate to a specific product X. The answers to these questions are completely dependent on the version of the product used. A particular function does not exist in ...
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