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Do beta sites have different rep count requirements for privileges? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Reputation requirements compared According to the privileges list, a user gains the ability to freely edit questions and answers at 2000 reputation. But I have ~1400 rep on ...
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Adapting privileges for low site activity [duplicate]

For sites like, DevOps.SE Android.SE Users can participate for seven months and not have enough reputation to edit a question or answer. The benchmark for editing a question should be whether or not ...
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How do you become a "Trusted Community Member"? [duplicate]

When I submit a suggested edit, a notice would say that my edit "Won't be viewable to other people until it is approved by trusted community members" (sorry if I did a quotation mistake), ...
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Why do privileges on some sites have different reputation requirements? [duplicate]

(For the purposes of this post, disregard the beta and meta sites on the SE Network.) We know what reputation is, right? When you reach a certain milestone of rep, you gain a privilege. What's strange ...
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Reputation needed to upvote / downvote [duplicate]

On Physics Stack Exchange I have 96 reputation points. I'm able to upvote something, but when I tried downvoting a question it said that my vote would be recorded, but not displayed. Is there a ...
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Who can edit a tag wiki on Stack Overflow without peer review? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Reputation requirements compared Bug? “tag wiki edit privileges” aren't I'm one of the top posters in the Wicket tag on Stack Overflow and have sufficient reputation points to ...
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Can the privilege requirements increase in a site? Can you lose them in that case? [duplicate]

For example, if you have "edit post" privilege by having 1000 reputation in a given Stack community, could the community become more popular and raise this privilege to 2000 reputation? ...
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When do you gain tag wiki edit suggestion privileges? [duplicate]

Empirically it seems that I just gained tag wiki edit suggestion privileges (ability to add a suggestion to the review queue, not to get my changes approved without peer review) in Stack Overflow when ...
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Is there a place that lists SE site privileges for a user? [duplicate]

Is there a place on Stack Exchange that lists specific user privileges earned, such as question, answer, flag, vote, comment? There's already a place to see user-earned badges.
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What is the minimum reputation required to chat? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Reputation requirements compared I tried to find the minimum reputation required to chat with a person, As want to chat with a person having 6 reputation in all. I know it's a ...
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How come I don't see a close button on Electrical Engineering SE site? [duplicate]

I am a member of a fair number of sites on the Stack Exchange network. On most of them, I see a "vote to close" button on posts. I have 900+ rep on the EE SE, but don't see a close button. ...
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Does low reputation cause the user to have any restrictions? [duplicate]

What are the restriction given by a low reputation? Do the modalities of giving answers or interact with other Stack Exchange users would change ?
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What happens to privileges if the requirements change? [duplicate]

On Stack Overflow the current privilege thresholds are considerably higher than a newly created site such as Interpersonal Skills which tells me that popularity dictates privilege thresholds. So what ...
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Reply/comment button not showing up - again [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Reputation requirements compared I am totally puzzled. Short story: I can edit questions and answers on stackoverflow, stackexchange etc, but I can not post comments to reply ...
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Other privileges for different communities [duplicate]

What is the reason that there are other privileges for each community of Stack Exchange? For Stack Overflow you can only create tags if you have a reputation of 1,500, but on Database Administrator ...
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