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Why can't I delete my account on my own? [duplicate]

I have just been told that in order to delete my Stack Overflow account I need to email [email protected]. What is the reason behind not providing privilege to a user to delete their own ...
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How to delete my Area 51 user account? [duplicate]

I have accounts in Stack Overflow, Programmers, Unix & Linux and Area 51. I don't want to continue my Area 51 account, so I planned to delete my Area 51 account. I have performed the following ...
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How do I delete my account and associated posts on a specific site? [duplicate]

I want to delete my account; can anyone help me to delete my account? The reason I want to do this is because Stack Overflow reduced my reputation by 500 points in a single day. Now I don't want to ...
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How do I delete my entire Stack Exchange account? [duplicate]

Stack Exchange seems to have made it impossible to delete accounts. I can delete the accounts from other individual sites like Ask Ubuntu, but I can't delete the main account on I ...
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I want to delete everything I've contributed to Stack Exchange sites [duplicate]

I'm angry, and I can't properly express myself in English as I would like to defend myself, so this is going to be a short message: Due to a bad decision of a moderator who suspended my account in ...
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How do I remove one's self from a community? [duplicate]

NOTICE: This is NOT a duplicate!! The title is REMOVE not DELETE. The UNJOIN feature is what I was after. Please read the full post. I hope this clarifies the difference. How do I remove myself from ...
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Is it possible to delete my profile along with the things I posted from SO and other SE sites? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who owns the content I post? How can I delete my account? I have put really a lot of effort into Stack Overflow and Server Fault and tried to help people. Without expecting ...
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How do you leave a Stack Exchange community [duplicate]

There are so many Stack Exchange communities that you don't always realize what you're getting into until it's too late, so my question is: How do you leave a particular Stack Exchange community that ...
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Why I cannot delete an account in 24 hours? [duplicate]

I deleted a profile yesterday. The system claimed it was to be deleted in 24 hours. However, I see the following message today. This account is scheduled to be deleted 5 mins ago. To cancel ...
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How to delete my account from Area51? [duplicate]

I have an account in Area51, which I want to delete. I want to delete only that account, not other accounts I have in Stack Exchange. How can I do that? I tried to contact administrator of the ...
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How to unsubscribe stackoverflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Delete my account? How do I logout from a non-registered account? I cannot see any links in the interface, or any help in the FAQ : how to unsubscribe stackoverflow ?
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How do I delete my network profile after deleting all my accounts on all sites? [duplicate]

If one has an account on any of the SE sites (Stack Overflow, Super User etc.), in order to delete their account, they can do so from their profile page. Numerous similar questions have been asked and ...
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Can a "rage quit" link be added to allow suspended users to delete their accounts? [duplicate]

According to the delete-account help, users are required to put the text "please delete me" in their profile's "about me" text. But a suspended user can not edit their profile, so they are unable to ...
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Reattribute posts made by deleted account to recreated account [duplicate]

Is is possible to reattribute posts that were made by my previous, deleted account to my new account? Due to personal issues, I deleted my accounts a while ago, but I recently remade them, and I want ...
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Can Moderators please delete my account? [duplicate]

My account has been suspended on SO. I request moderators to close or delete my account. I want a new fresh start.
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