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Prevent specific sites from being overrepresented in the hot questions list [duplicate]

Some sites appear far more often in the hot questions list than other sites. I don't have any hard data on that, as that kind of data is just not publicly available, but I'm pretty sure my subjective ...
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Is it possible for an old question to get on the hot questions list? [duplicate]

We on travel SE are in beta and we're always watching the hot questions list to see if one of our questions has made it into the hot questions list. Now we observed that it seems that only new ...
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Was this epic answer from Scifi & Fantasy SE manually added to the Hot Network Questions? [duplicate]

According to this and this answer, it becomes exceedingly difficult/impossible for a question to hit the HNQ once it gets older. When this legendary answer appeared on Science Fiction & Fantasy SE,...
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How is the hotness of a question determined on [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do the “arbitrary hotness points” work on the new Stack Exchange home page? has a very good listing of all the current "hot" questions? ...
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How are Hot Network Questions selected? [duplicate]

I see lots of Hot Network Questions which don't have lots of votes and views (after becoming hot network question, it gets both lots of votes and views). How are they selected? Is this purely random ...
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An HNQ that's 21 days old? [duplicate]

This question appears on the HNQ list right now (I've posted a screenshot here, with the quetion I mentioned, circled in yellow, in case you wanted to see it). What surprised me was that the question ...
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How are SE-wide Hot Questions selected? [duplicate]

How are the hot questions in the Stack Exchange dropdown in the upper left corner selected? I saw this question, but it's talking about the per-site hot questions, not the SE-wide ones.
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What sorts of order in hot questions tab? [duplicate]

In hot questions tab Hot Questions, I can't determine which sorts of order was invoke. By hoverring on hot tab , below message was appeared. Questions with the most views,answers and votes over the ...
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What makes a question 'hot'? [duplicate]

'Hot' StackExchange questions can be seen here, but what exactly is special about them that makes them 'hot'? Many of these 'hot' questions range from 2-20 upvotes, and range from a minute to a week-...
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What does"Questions with most views, answers and votes" mean? [duplicate]

What does"Questions with most views, answers and votes" mean? I just don't get it, how does SE arrange questions with hotness? It does not seem to arrange questions with the most views or votes.
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How do hot questions on a single site contribute to hot network questions sidebar? [duplicate]

Every site has a "hot questions" tab. These questions "sometimes" show up in the hot network questions sidebar based on a complex algorithm. That sidebar is engineered to show hot ...
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How is the hot questions list on Stack Exchange generated? [duplicate]

The first page of is the hot questions list. How is it generated? How often does it refresh?
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Favorite etiquette (and hot questions) [duplicate]

I am well aware of how the Favorite button on the questions works and where I go to find my or anyone else's favorite questions. I am also well aware of the fact that adding a question to the ...
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How stack exchange puts up a question in "Hot Network Questions" list? [duplicate]

I referred this and this and searched even more but I did not get a clear answer. So I decided to ask it here. Questions What is the criteria of a question to be put up in "Hot network questions" ...
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Can questions only appear in the HNQ list once? [duplicate]

Two questions: Is there anything in the HNQ algorithm that explicitly prevents a question that was on the list from appearing again at a much later date? E.g. a hard age cutoff or anything? If not, ...
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