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The Q1 2020 Community Roadmap is on the Blog

I just posted to our blog about our First Quarter Community Roadmap for 2020. Here's a preview of what the roadmap looks for this quarter: Please see the post for details on the different themes of ...
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Do downvotes on Meta truly mean something different?

It is often said that voting on Meta means something different than voting on regular sites. Upvotes mean "I agree", and downvotes mean "I disagree". However, I submit that this is not the case. ...
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Improve Not a Real Question close reason message

When closing a question as Not a Real Question (NARQ) it looks as follows: Closing questions is often badly received by the OP, which isn't that surprising really. Let's try to analyze how they could ...
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How can Meta be made more conducive to discussions?

Disclaimer: This post is quite lenghty. To prevent out of context interpretations I kindly request either reading it in its entirety or not reading it at all. Thank you. Why am I writing this? I've ...
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How do I see all newest questions (even negatively voted ones) with the new navigation?

I've added the bug tag to this because it appears that you can't display these questions without using search. This is bad for several reasons: Spam posts disappear from the questions list but can't ...
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How many downvotes to push an active question off the "active" list?

I just noticed that the question: doesn't appear in the "active" list. If this ...
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Give feature requests some protection for 48 hours

From time to time, people complain that unpopular suggestions on Meta get effectively censored by downvoting: questions with a net score under -7 vanish from the front page. Most recently Nicol Bolas: ...
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How does Stack Overflow determine for how long to keep a question in the main page?

I am guessing this has to do with the amount of views, answers, upvotes and time it was posted but is there a place where I can get a more detailed explanation of this? Also I have seen questions ...
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These numbers are too crowded! Can we give them some breathing room? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Slight rendering bug in Chrome (Linux) - View count and title overlap I recently observed the following on the home page of Meta: (Emphasis mine) As you can see, the numbers ...
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What happens to questions closed as blatantly off-topic?

The following close reason appears on every single Stack Exchange site when you're voting/flagging to close a question as off-topic: Blatantly off-topic (this question has nothing to do with [...
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Why are there two featured lists?

There are two featured lists with the same URL, but different results: Go to Click on "Questions" Click on "featured" You'll see one list with the URL https://meta....
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On Meta, are the rules for showing on the main page different?

Questions that are highly downvoted do not show on the main page. That's generally a good thing. is the absolute score to be shown/not shown different on meta than on main sites? does meta take into ...
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Does downvoting a question help "hide" it? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How many downvotes to push an active question off the “active” list? The question Find and replace first space in a string, while very much a question where the OP ...
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Where did my newly posted question go?

I just posted What algorithm is used to display the Badges multipliers on the user profile? question and it was shown there on the main page i.e. "newest" section and "recently active" section. But, ...
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Why is the question with the newest bounty, with score < -100, not in the bountied tab? [duplicate]

I know Don't close questions where the user has requested that it not be closed has A LOT of downvotes, but it is a bountied question and it deserves its time in the limelight (aka the bountied ...
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