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Should the "Enable keyboard shortcuts" user setting disable ALL custom keyboard shortcuts on a site?

Since July 2009 the community is asking for a way to disable the editor keyboard shortcuts. Since September 2010 many people are asking to disable comment submitting on Enter. Since July 2014 ...
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Improved IME Handling is now active

In the past there was an issue (reported for example on the Japanese Language Meta) where pressing the Enter key to select an IME suggestion would also submit the comment. The good news is that we ...
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Edit Comment- Default post by pushing return key is annoying [duplicate]

Sounds trivial, I know. But you are working on the text of your comment. In a small space. So the natural reaction is to get a new line by hitting the return key. Wham, your half completed comment is ...
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Pressing <Enter> in an input method editor should not submit comments

Suppose I want to type the following comment: The character for sun is 日, while the character for moon is 月. To do this, I would type the following sequence of characters: The character for sun ...
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Allow to submit an answer with Ctrl + Enter

As far as I can tell, whenever I try to submit an answer with Ctrl + Enter, it doesn't work. As this is allowed on edits, reviews, and question asks I would be very happy to see this on answers too.
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Pressing enter in a comment field should generate a warning text rather than submitting the comment

There are a small handful of people that are confused by line breaks when writing comment not appearing when the comment is submitted. There are a large number of people that find having enter submit ...
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Can someone explain OpenID on this site?

The reason I never used this website is that it has always been impossible to log into. That includes Stack Exchange, which I don't understand at all. I originally signed up with OpenID, but it is a ...
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Comment UI is not friendly enough [closed]

I am new to Stack Overflow, and have quickly found that the comment box (that is, commenting on someone's answer/suggestion) is really, really, really bad. Reasons why: Hitting Enter while typing ...
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Line breaks not working in comments [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do comments work? Stack Overflow comments don’t have formatting tags or line breaks? I've been struggling for some time with adding line breaks to comments on SO. I ...
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Comment submission broken for comments that end with @username

Sometimes I want to post comments that include @-notifications but can't work the names into the comment text organically. In those cases, I write my comment out and then tack on a @JohnDoe at the end,...
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Suggestion for tweak to comment box "Press enter to add your comment"

This is a suggestion regarding this awesome new feature / evil UI bug (delete as appropriate). Summary: pressing enter in the comment box submits the comment. This is not the intuitively expected ...
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What about allowing users to opt-in to new/experimental/beta changes?

With the recent removal of the envelope icon and the addition of the dropdown menu, there has been a lot of controversy about whether the change has been good or bad. I'm not here to complain, but to ...
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Cannot get to a new line by hitting Enter

I am using a Mac machine. I asked a question, and then, someone answered it. I clicked "Edit" to add a comment, and I would like to press Enter to go to a new line, but doing so submitted my ...
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What should I do when a moderator deletes my post? [duplicate]

If a moderator deletes your post, what does it imply (assuming that no reason was given for the deletion)? Are you "in trouble"? For instance, if it seems to have been deleted ...
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Comments are submitted when Enter key is pressed on a context menu item

I use Firefox. Firefox has a spell checker. I use keyboard Menu key, select the underlined incorrect word, press Enter to fix the misspelled word... my comment is submitted. So I am forced to use the ...
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