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Hitting Enter in another browser window may also submit your comment on SO

Not the same as this, but probably even worse, it's undesired behavior: when your browser asks you if you want to close a window and you confirm by hitting Enter, that key hit also gets intercepted by ...
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Area 51 users have to press "Add Comment" to add comments

As of early September, the Enter key submits comments on most sites. I know there was some grumbling about this functionality at first, which is normal for UI changes, but it seems like most people ...
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Confirming context menu entries via Enter when entering comments triggers comment to be posted

related: Pressing Enter in comment box unexpectedly submits form While I'm not basically against this feature, it is annoying to press Enter from the context-menu (e.g. when verifying my spelling via ...
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When, if ever, should voting override answer acceptance for answer sorting?

The accepted answer always appears at the top of the list, regardless of sort order. This can be misleading if the question author accepted an invalid solution and a better solution was proposed later,...
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User setting for Enter key submit-behavior

Related: Pressing Enter in comment box unexpectedly submits form Right now pressing Enter auto-submit comments and some other forms - but not others. When writing a technical answer you could ...
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Why can you type new lines in comments if they are never rendered?

In the comment box, you can type new lines, but they are never rendered. This can trick people into thinking that they can separate text into paragraphs, when this is not possible. I think that when ...
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How do comment @replies work?

How do the comment replies (aka "pinging users") work? Who can I send an @reply to? How do I respond to a specific user when entering my comment? Will they be notified? What do people mean ...
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Really Long Comment Wait Time?

Possible Duplicate: Please return the comment rate limit to a flat 30 seconds If I can’t comment for 30 more seconds, why is the Add Comment button enabled? So, I go to comment on someones answer,...
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