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What are the badges I can earn on each site, and what are the exact criteria for earning each badge?

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I lost my JavaScript badge [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do “badges” work? What are tag badges? How do they work? I earned the JavaScript badge a while ago. Today, I earned the jQuery badge, and I see that there'...
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How often is total score for a tag calculated [duplicate]

How often is my total score for a particular tag calculated. I've gotten several recent upvotes under android but my total score hasn't seem to have gone up. When I say total score, I mean like the ...
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Why have I not been awarded the bronze badge for the FINDSTR tag? [duplicate]

I reached 100 upvotes on 30 non-community wiki answers to findstr questions at least 4 days ago. I'm now up to 102 upvotes. But I still have not been awarded the bronze badge for that tag. I've seen ...
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Android Badge earned [duplicate]

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Calculation of Score when earning a specific tag badge [duplicate]

Take for example the Linq bronze badge, where the description is Earned at least 100 total score for at least 20 answers in the linq tag How is total score calculated? is it based on the sum of ...
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Does negative vote count in score gained in tags after deletion [duplicate]

If the post got negative votes and is deleted, does that negative vote after deletion count in the score of tags.(Reputation lost is credited back but what about the score of the tags involved in them)...
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How do we know how much up-votes are still needed to get the "C#" tag-badge? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are tag badges? How do they work? I've given answers of more than 100 questions about C#, and I got more than 100 up votes for those answers. Yet, I don't get the tag ...
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How many points does it require to create a badge for a tag? [duplicate]

According to here, "If enough upvotes are earned in a tag – any tag – the badge will be automatically created and awarded." How many points/votes does a particular tag require before it will garner ...
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How are tag scores calculated? [duplicate]

Someone asked a question tagged php, cookie and setcookie. I answered the question. The answer was accepted and up-voted by the asker. Now my php score (in my profile) has increased by one, but my ...
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How about a new badge for knowledge on a particular tag [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: More tag badges What are tag badges? How do they work? TURNS OUT THIS ALREADY EXISTS. NEVERMIND So we have all sorts of tags representing all sorts of topics. Naturally ...
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What would be the milestone based on ratings that would give expert validation in StackOverflow? Are there such specific process? [duplicate]

Let's say user A has received different milestones. Does StackOverflow have any ways of identifying that this user A now belongs to an expert community for this specific subject?
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What is tag reputation? [duplicate]

When I earn some reputation, I get this message: Furthermore in my Tags tab, I can see some numbers near tags: But it's not clear to me. What is 42 and 10? And what is tag reputation?
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How to find out what my score is in a specific tag? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are tag badges? How do they work? Is there any way to find out how many upvotes or points I've got in a specific tag or tags, like php, android, c#, etc? And how many ...
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Why is an accepted answer not counted in the Score of a Next tag badge? [duplicate]

Why is the score of a tag not counted after you get an accepted answer? If I answer a question with a support tag, why does this not count in the Next tag badge?
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