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Please allow image uploads directly onto the site

Sometimes images are required to ask questions. Currently images need to be stored on external servers. If the image gets deleted, or the server goes down the question could become far less useful to ...
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Please negotiate and make obvious user-favorable license terms for uploaded images

Uploading photos to Imgur appears to assign them rights to do whatever they wish with them. It would appear that, taken on face value, uploading an image to Imgur gives them total non-exclusive rights ...
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Is imgur losing images?

Are there any missing images from Imgur, and especially images that were uploaded using the editor (to the Stack Exchange pro account)? When did those images go missing? For at least the past 20 hours,...
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"Linked" images get re-hosted by imgur - without any warnings!

I have added a picture to my answer. I did so by providing a link from my own web server and pasting the link to the image into the form ("from the web"). The software in the background silently ...
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Is it allowed to use Imgur's ( open image upload instead of SE's own Imgur account (

I've used my own Imgur account for embedding images to questions and answers because for account owners images up to 5 MB aren't compressed. Stack Exhange's Imgur account doesn't allow uploading ...
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Redirect blog-post discussions to meta (or

Inspired by Jeff's answer here, I thought this was already discussed in the comments to the blog post announcing the feature [...] Yeah, reading the blog is one thing, but digging through a forum-...
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Policy on uploading copyright protected images to Imgur

On one of the Stack Exchanges I frequent, an Asker included a link in the Question to a photo on the web site of a newspaper. Later, someone else (with the best of intentions, I am sure) edited the Q ...
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Responsibility of SE (imgur pictures)

So I have a strange question. I saw that all uploaded picture on SE get uploaded to an imgur-account. So I'd like to use this possibility (imgur pro) for my website too. But now my question: But are ...
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Have a checkmark to turn an imgurl'ed web image into a link to the original automatically (default=on)

While it's a convenient feature to have an image from somewhere in the internet be automatically cloned to the (hopefully) permanent, automatically turning the image into a link to ...
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Uploading images via web [duplicate]

I uploaded an image from the web today, from However SO takes the image and reuploads it to, if the image from web is from then it doesn't need ...
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Does Subscriber Content include a referenced text/image?

Does Subscriber Content include a referenced text/image? You agree that any and all content, including without limitation any and all text, graphics, logos, tools, photographs, images, illustrations, ...
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Use of copyrighted material [duplicate]

Is it allowed to make pdf 'snapshots' of images included in copyrighted scientific articles to back up my answer (e.g. Biology or Cognitive Sciences SE)? At the risk to be verbally nuked - I have to ...
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Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow have moved to CC BY-SA 4.0

Effective today, all Subscriber Content on Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network will be available under the terms of version 4.0 of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) ...
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