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Cross-posting on StackExchange sites [duplicate]

So it's crossed my mind recently in relation to a few of my questions that they would be quite appropriate on more than one Stack Exchange (Area 51) sites. My question is, is it considered acceptable/...
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How should we deal with questions that fit on more than one Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

First, this is about beta sites that might not even exist later, but imagine they will for the sake of this question. Taking the latest 10 questions on the Unix Stack Exchange, I see 3 questions ...
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Can I ask the same question on more than one Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

I have a question relevant to Android SE, Programmers SE and Stack Overflow. Should/Can I ask on all three sites? Update: I'd like restate my question: If I have a question relevant to more than one ...
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Is it necessary to be able to cross-post between sites? [duplicate]

Something I was doing the other day - working with .htaccess files - made me wonder where it would belong if I needed help - Stack Overflow or Server Fault. There might be some topics that fall in the ...
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Asking a question multiple times on different sites? [duplicate]

Is it Kosher to ask the same question multiple times on different SO sites? This really applies to command line utility questions on SF and SU. Examples: ServerFault Superuser
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Can I cross post my question from one site to another? [duplicate]

Is there a feature that lets me cross post one of my questions from Stack Overflow to the Web Applications SE? I want my question to appear on both sites, but I don't want to have to rewrite it.
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How to ask a question across multiple Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

How do you ask a question on Ask Ubuntu, Server Fault, the Unix and Linux SE, and Super User all at once? My particular question is about Ubuntu so I put it there, but it could easily fit at any of ...
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How to ask the same question on different sites? [duplicate]

Suppose I have question, which appropriate to ask on two (or more) different SE sites. Since the audience is different on different sites, I would like to attract all people, who can answer. How ...
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Cross Post if you get no answer? [duplicate]

I searched for the phrase "Cross Post" here in meta stack overflow. Still unclear on how it applies to my current circumstances. I have a problem. I went to some length to document the entire ...
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Is it allowed/does it make sense to ask a question on more than one StackExchange site? [duplicate]

I have a question, and I am not sure which site is more suitable (StackOverflow or Programmers). I've tried to read the about it and haven't found a conclusive answer. Is it allowed/does it make ...
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What if I have a question that should be on both Stack Overflow and health site of Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

If I am a programmer and I am creating web applications for medical purposes, can I ask a question on Stack Overflow for developers help and share it on health stack site as well to receive medical ...
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What to do with copy-paste questions? [duplicate]

I ran into this question that looks like its been copied over from another site. I'm not really sure how to deal with it. I mean, there's an actual question burried in there somewhere, but as it ...
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Can I ask a same question in another SE site and here in Stack Overlow? [duplicate]

Can I ask same question in Stack Overflow and in another site (Example: Ask Ubuntu) simultaneously?
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Cross-site posting feature [duplicate]

I sometimes have questions that are suitable for 2 or more Stack Exchange sites. For example, a question on configuring a development database for a website. This question could be posted on ...
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Simultaneous cross-posting - should it be discouraged? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it possible to post questions across a couple of the sites because it's debatable which site it fits best? I came up upon - and answered - this question, which its ...
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