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How can I log in directly on Stack Overflow with OpenID? [duplicate]

All I hear is that OpenID works like a SSO for the whole Internet. Ok, how do I do the following: I am on a site (not Stack Overflow), and I am logged in with my OpenID URL. Now I want to ask a ...
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Where does StackOverflow store login information on my computer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does SO's new auto-login feature work? I've noticed that, even after I delete all cookies, Firefox Cache, Flash cache, etc. StackOverflow still knows who I am and ...
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How does Stack Exchange's authorization works [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does SO's new auto-login feature work? After logging with an 3rd party account (facebook, google, ...), how does Stack Exchange Network save credentials? I signed up ...
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SO - login with other user id [duplicate]

sorry for asking if it's already asked. I could not found when I search. Here is the situation. If I want to log-out from SO with current id, and then another guy want to log in to SO with their ...
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How does StackOverflow/StackExchange handle cross-domain sessions? [duplicate]

The multi-domain approach to a membership implemented at StackOverflow, through Stack Exchange's network seems well beyond just an Open ID. How are the individual participant's sessions at multiple ...
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Stackoverflow authentication data storage [duplicate]

Maybe this question has been asked, but I couldn't find it with google and stackoverflow. I have deleted all my cookies and yet after entering I'm asked to refresh the page, because ...
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Global auth is dead! Long live universal login

Update: Universal login is in place and considered "done". If you see anything weird, please submit new bug reports. As y'all know, our current flavor of "global authentication" ...
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Stack Exchange OpenID credentials not removed on logout, allowing insecure re-login

The cookies for subdomain, '' are not, as claimed, actually removed from the browser upon logging out of, but they should be. Applies to: *,...
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Why does it says "welcome back -user- click here to 'refresh page'"

After logging into one Stack Exchange site, when I visit another SE site, it says to me, welcome back - user - click here to refresh - web page. Isn't it possible to refresh the page using code &...
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How does one Stack Exchange site know that I'm logged in to the other?

Here's what I did: Completely cleared my browser of all cookies Opened a new browser window in Incognito mode Navigated to and log in Opened a new tab and navigate to ...
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How do you logout of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

How do you log out of Stack Overflow? There isn't any logout button.
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Add "network wide logout" functionality

Is a "log out from every SE site in the network" button technically feasible? With so many SE sites popping up, it would be a very useful feature. Edit: has this been implemented now, as @Ben ...
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Why does registration require third-party cookies to be enabled?

In registering for this site, I was told I could not register unless I enabled third-party cookies. I can think of no good reason why a site should require third-party cookies and, therefore, I do ...
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How does Stack Overflow recognize my account, though I always delete cookies, history, etc?

Stack Overflow is the only site, which I access and get greetings: "Welcome %username%". I didn't access OpenID account before visiting Stack Overflow and do not store any cookies, history or ...
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How does the current SSO of SE work?

I am interested in knowing how the current SSO works on the Stack Exchange network. The answer by Kevin here doesn't seem to be in place any more as I can't find anything in the localstorage of ...
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