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Update/recreate question with unhelpful answers [duplicate]

I asked a question a couple of months ago: How to mitigate risk of having cash with you when abroad? The answers were unhelpful I added on a comment: "be street-smart" and similar ...
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Why Is There No "Start Bounty" Link On My Question? [closed]

I would like to offer a bounty on this question. All the faq criteria seem fulfilled (enough points, no other bounties etc). There is an 'eligible for bounty' link that points to the faq. But no '...
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Can I answer a question I've put a bounty on?

Let's say I find a good question on Stack Overflow then decide to post a bounty on it. A few days later I then stumble upon a solution and decide I want to post an answer. I know the minimum bounty ...
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Need a new "award" bounty

Problem: Now that subsequent bounties on a given question have to be greater than the previous bounty, there is no way to reward multiple good answers that weren't chosen as the accepted answer, but ...
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Bounty limit still 100 after deleting answer [duplicate]

This question states that if you have answered a question and start a bounty on that question, the minimum bounty is set to 100. I asked a question, answered it, deleted my answer (because the ...
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Don't set minimum bounty to 100 when own answer is community wiki

If you have answered your own question, and want to start a bounty on it, you must start at 100 rep instead of the default 50, because: To avoid overly promotional bounties, if you are offering a ...
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