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Can someone give some basic info on traffic of SO sites? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Stack Overflow stats graphs How many SO users use the site per day? If it is suitable, can someone give some info about SO sites' traffic? I would be especially interested ...
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What interesting stats can I obtain from the Stack Overflow data-dump?

What interesting statistics have you discovered from analysing the Stack Overflow data-dump? Related: Blog post announcing the data-dump Direct link to the .torrent (original XML files) (2009-06) ...
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What happens when the average number of answers per question drops below 1?

Looking at Greg Hewgill's stats graphs the number of answers per question is slowly trending downwards: Is it going to stabilise at some point so that (on average) questions receive one answer or ...
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How many questions are posted per day on Stack Overflow?

Like anyone, I'm interested in numbers (statistics). I would like to know the number of questions posted in Stack Overflow per day. If possible, how the numbers are growing/changing? If we have this ...
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Fascinating/enticing facts about Stack Overflow

Apart from the obvious bits of information like the technology used, the history, reputation system, famous users etc. that are readily available on this site, Jeff's or Joel's blogs, presentations ...
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How can I access history of a SO tag?

I'm interested in graphs showing the number of questions on given SO tag over time. Are these data available?
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Any good use of creative commons license?

Has anyone seen any good uses of the stackoverflows creative commons license. I mean something like a blog listing the best recent questions or a wiki synthesising various answers into a unified view ...
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Stats for best times to visit SO

I visit SO at random times (weekdays, weekend, day, night) and often find that I'm sat waiting for new questions to come in. Is there a way I can run some stats to figure out when (day of week, time ...
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Create a new page to display site-wide total statistics

It's cool that you can see the site-wide badge award counts on the badges page. How about adding something that shows site-wide rep stats, like total reputation accrued by all users — maybe a ...
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Provide statistics per tag: mean time for receiving an answer, mean time for upvoting an answer, mean time for accepting an answer

Hi, I think that the following "per-tag" information would be useful for people, deciding in which of several related or seeming similar tags to ask a question: Mean time for receiving the first ...
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