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why am I shown as a "CW-author" of this answer, where all my changes were rolled back? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Community wiki post not displaying majority author correctly Wonder why I am shown as a "CW-author" of this answer? Looking at answer revisions history I can't see any ...
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How are percents and main author for community-wiki posts computed? [duplicate]

In a community-wiki answer which I edited recently, I added one hyperlink, added one comma and removed another. From that time, I’ve been reported as the main contributor to the answer, although the ...
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Formatting Sandbox

Notes: Answers will occasionally be moved to the Sandbox archive when there are too many of them. When using them to report bugs, keep an eye on the post. You may also want to take a look at the ...
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Addressing users who make many trivial edits

I've seen a case on a site currently in beta where a single user is perhaps editing too much. I obviously don't want to name names or call someone out here, so I won't be too detailed. The edits are ...
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Make error notifications in posts more obvious/visible

I was reading a question, and the OP had entered a jsFiddle link without the http:// into the question. I wanted that to be a link, so I edited it to add the http://. When I went to save the edit (...
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Why do Community Wiki posts show the user responsible for the largest % of edits instead of the posting user?

I just noticed a community wiki question that I edited in the past shows me as the posting user. Per Tim and Bill's comments below, this is because I am responsible for the largest percentage of the ...
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Bounties on question with CW answer do not reward people for improving existing answer

The use case for making an answer Community Wiki is to have a single large answer that everyone can maintain. This works, but it can conflict with the use case for bounties. In particular, if the ...
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Diff percentage seems a bit off

So I edited an answer originally by P-Nuts by adding four carriage returns, since the answer was a big wall of text and I wanted to break it up with paragraphs. But SO says after the edit that I did ...
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profile page shows 6 reopen votes total while I have at least 25 successful ones

My Programmers profile page shows 6 reopen votes total in votes->reopen sub tab (dev team only link) while per my recollection I have substantially more than that. Review stats say I have 67 ...
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Can closing as a duplicate bump the duplicated post if it has no answer?

If there's a dupe question it usually means it's a popular topic, or there's a demand for a solution to a certain recurring problem. Sometimes we close dupes in reference to old, unanswered questions. ...
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Should the CW edit privilege be so low?

SE strongly believes in community editing. That is why you only need 100 rep to edit a Community Wiki post. I have some rep on SE but I would hesitate twice before editing a CW post like this one ...
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Why is this CW post saying 36% unknown? [duplicate]

Looking at this post it says "36% unknown". No user by the name of 'unknown' appears in the revision history (screenshot just in case some wag changes his username to 'unknown') What madness is ...
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simulation of legitimate activity by posting partial copies of prior answers

I recently came across an interesting case of spammer account posting partial copies of prior answers in order to simulate legitimate activity. "look, not all my posts are about spam" Even after I ...
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Show user reputation in Community Wiki (CW) posts

Being reputation a rough measurement of how much a user is trusted by the community, I usually take a quick look (and with a pinch of salt) at the answerers' reputation when looking through the ...
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Meta Stack Overflow to Meta Stack Exchange link migration Community Wiki post credit issue

With the recent migration of questions to Meta Stack Exchange from Meta Stack Overflow, there's been an automatic rewrite of links across the various Stack Exchange sites. It's good that links have ...
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