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Should answers to bad-code questions be downvoted? [duplicate]

Let us assume that someone posted a question about allocating a 2D array in C++, his code doesn't compile because he has errors in it. Now after you read the question, you see that he should use std::...
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Is it okay to dispute the premise of a question? [duplicate]

In the limited number of questions I have asked on Stack Exchange, I have had several comments and answers that are not answering my question, but are instead saying that I should be asking something ...
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What should I do when I want to add additional questions or scenario to my question? [duplicate]

For example, let's say I've asked a question like this: "If I've broken my arms, what should I do?" Someone answered "If you have money, you may go to the clinic." In fact, the answer-er have ...
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Answering OP's situation vs. actual question? [duplicate]

We get a fair number of questions here that are something like this: How to do X While trying to create/do Y I tried doing X and couldn't figure out how to do it. I tried various ways of doing X ...
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How to send users in the right direction before they post asking for the wrong technique? [duplicate]

I often see users asking for batch programming on Windows and they try to solve rather complex tasks. A lot of these tasks would be better solved with a different technique that is also built-in to ...
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Formatting Sandbox

Notes: Answers will occasionally be moved to the Sandbox archive when there are too many of them. When using them to report bugs, keep an eye on the post. You may also want to take a look at the ...
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Time for some more swag! [closed]

UPDATE: I just sent out emails to collect addresses from the lucky users getting these watches — be on the lookout for those, and try to fill it in the next two weeks! :) On occasion of our ...
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Should Stack Exchange in general be awarding "A"s for Effort?

This just came up again: homework is not acceptable if the asker has made no effort whatsoever I'm developing a bit of an involuntary twitch that manifests itself when I encounter the word "effort"...
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Let's hold language in comments to the same standard as posts

Through his never-ending sense of wonder and curiosity, my colleague Jon Ericson recently posted some findings on his exploration into the possibility of ...hastily written... questions essentially ...
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Exit strategies for "chameleon questions"

I'm not sure if there's already an existing term for this, so I'm inventing my own. (tl;dr: I call them "chameleon questions" because they change every time you submit or edit an answer. If ...
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How long can Moderator Resignation notices be featured?

How long are moderator resignation posts allowed to be featured in the sidebars of our sites?
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Make comment flags less stupid

Update: declining this in favor of Drop "not constructive", combine "noisy", reword "rude" and "other" comment flags I'm sick of comment flags, and I'm pretty ...
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How to be nice (even when you don't want to) - The basics

Note: at first I considered to ask this question in the Moderator Teams, but then I thought it would do better here. It has just happened. In the site I moderate two users have engaged in a ...
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How can we resolve the current drama without causing any more harm to vulnerable groups?

Context: I am a non-binary user who uses singular they as my chosen pronoun. I'm also a relatively new user who just started paying attention to meta right when the situation over the sudden firing of ...
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Stack Exchange Glossary - Dictionary of Commonly-Used Terms

What are the common phrases, words, abbreviations that are used on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Meta Stack Overflow, and the other Stack Exchange sites? This is meant to be a very quick ...

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