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Understanding how I missed a day for consecutive SO visit counts [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Consecutive days problem #97? Okay, I'm trying not to make this an "I wuz cheated" post :) about consecutive day counts on SO, so I'll just try to respectfully ask how my ...
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Enthusiast/Fanatic Badge - Do We Need to Just Visit or Participate? [duplicate]

To obtain the Enthusiast or Fanatic badge, do we just need to visit while logged in each day or do we also have to have some activity (such as editing, answering, asking, commenting, etc.)?
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Are consecutive days counted each 24 hours or by UTC? [duplicate]

I'm pretty sure I've visited Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow every day before 4 PM PDT (midnight UTC) for the past 50 days. I can recall seeing it say (I believe) 35(?) consecutive days visited ...
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How visited is visited in the context of Fanatic? [duplicate]

The fanatic badge is awarded if you visited the site for 100 consecutive days. Apart from needing serious help, but I was wondering, what does a visit entail? Any of these? Visit for at least 1 ...
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Potential Server Issue for Fanatic/Enthusiast? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Consecutive days problem #97? I have been working on my fanatic badge for right around 54 days. Over the weekend, 11th-15th, I visited daily. As I got my 30 consecutive days a ...
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How do "consecutive" logins work? [duplicate]

I have been noticing that the consecutive login marker in the user profile is not working right. This marker can be found in the visits status section on the visited line. I logged in everyday since ...
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Consecutive Days [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Consecutive days problem #97? My consecutive days count is constantly resetting. I was on SO last night multiple times and today I log in and it says it didn't see me last ...
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Area 51 user profile shows self-conflicting visit statistics [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Consecutive days problem #97? How have I visited on more days than I’ve been registered? In my Area 51 user profile ( I see ...
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Is there any bug with the visited day checking system at Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is an SE “day”? When does each day start? Consecutive days problem #97? Just asking if any one has seen this error before? For me, during weekday I use my ...
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Tracking Time for certain badges [duplicate]

There are some badges which track your presence on the particular stack - enthusiast and fanatic are the two that come to mind that appear to be available on all stacks with consistent criteria (30 ...
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Activity on StackExchange Site on a particular Date [duplicate]

I just noticed my Consecutive day counter of Meta was reset on 26th of March 2013, but I am sure I have visited the site, but I still want to confirm. So is there a way that I get to know about my ...
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What are the badges I can earn on each site, and what are the exact criteria for earning each badge?

Formerly List of all badges with full descriptions. What are badge name's requirements? Why didn't I get badge name (right now)? Which badges can I earn multiple times? Jump to: Question Badges ...
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What is an SE "day"? When does each day start?

When does a day start on the Stack Exchange network? Some badges (Enthusiast, Fanatic, Mortarboard) and voting limits are bound by and relate heavily to the concept of a day. Do days correspond to ...
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Proposal: Free day in the visit log to account for the Oct 9th downtime

Given the downtime for today (Oct 9th, 2010) due to the UPS Failure, I propose giving every user that visited on Oct 8th, 2010 a free entry in the visit log (or whatever the name may be) for Oct 9th, ...
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How do you earn the Enthusiast badge? [duplicate]

I thought I would have this badge by now, but perhaps I didn't visit the site one day. Or perhaps I don't understand the meaning of "visit". The description for this badge says "Visited the site each ...
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