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Will Open Sourcing Stack Overflow Destroy Our Business Model?

Warning. This discussion took place during the Stack Exchange 1.0 days, when FogCreek sold Stack Exchange licenses for a fee. It is worth noting that Stack Exchange licenses are still being ...
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Is Stack Exchange / Stack Overflow available for private or internal use?

Is the Stack Exchange engine that powers Stack Overflow available to download or install internally for an enterprise or company? I think Stack Exchange's engine is very great and could be very cool ...
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Creating an internal Stack Exchange for proprietary questions? [duplicate]

I know Stack Exchange is not interested in setting up public forums specifically for companies to support their own products. But what about private SE's for their employees to use internally? I work ...
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Can you host the stackexchange software yourself to create a site? [duplicate]

I was wondering if I could create my own site using the software behind stackexchange and link back or retain some stackexchange branding so people know what the site is using?
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Where can I get a Stack Overflow-like site to use as my company's knowledge base? [duplicate]

Where can I get a Stack Overflow-like site to use as my company's knowledge base?
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Branded Stack Overflow Sites [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Introduce sub-communities (or “Portals”) to prevent fragmentation Is the Stack Exchange engine available? I've been through all the FAQs and whatnot, and can't seem to ...
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What does Stack Exchange sell?

If you go here:, there are people who are working on sales or product manager. What do they do?
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The two things about Stack Exchange [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Too many SE sites causes confusion First thing, I see that Stack Overflow has been remodeled into a number of other sites like Super User, Server Fault, and a lot, lot more. I ...
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Embed Stack Overflow in my site

I love the functionality of Stack Overflow. However, I'd like to embed a version in my site. Ideally, it would need the following features: I can remove the overwhelming Stack Overflow branding and ...
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possible to puchase stackoverflow for own site?

Is it possible to purchase something like a premium version of this script so that enterprises can use it on their own site? We are sick and tired of vbulletin type of forum based systems.
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