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Why do vote-counts require 1,000 reputation to see? [duplicate]

Can the minimum be eliminated? At least for Meta, where the information is more useful? I've never understood this restriction.
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Why are users with less than 1000 rep unable to see vote-counts? [duplicate]

I know that once a user passes 1000 reputation (or 750 in a smaller site), they gain the ability to see vote-counts, rather than vote total (upvotes - downvotes). However, I don't really understand ...
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Why are vote counts (show down-votes) enabled only on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why is it a privilege to view vote counts? I've noticed that the vote splitter isn't available on the other stack exchange sites (including here on meta). Is there a reason ...
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Why upvotes and downvotes are not visible in sites other than [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why is it a privilege to view vote counts? I can see upvotes/downvotes total in But the same information seems unavailable in other sites (meta....
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Get rid of the "Established User" privilege [duplicate]

The Established User privilege which is gained at one thousand reputation has been around forever. We all know that it lets you see the vote count on posts. But I propose we remove the 1k reputation ...
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Why does seeing the up- and downvote count as a privilege? [duplicate]

Why can't all users see upvote and downvote counts? Is it somehow problematic for new users to have this information? The total score doesn't show all of the relevant information (+5-4 and +1-0 are ...
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What is the rationale for restricting vote split views to 1000 rep? [duplicate]

When I join a new site, one of my biggest pet peeves is that I cannot see the vote split on a question and/or answer. This feature is a great education - a +5 / -4 answer tells me a lot more about ...
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Why is viewing vote count of a question/answer a privilage? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why privilege to view vote counts? I feel that the ability to view vote counts should be a base feature. There's nothing about it that requires the system to "trust" the user, ...
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Debatable questions/answers, public insight on vote counts [duplicate]

Some context: This thread provide some insights as to why vote counts are not displayed by default. It is, for me, a rather unsatisfying reason. Not because it is not valid, but because it really is ...
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Why isn't the up/downvote ratio visible to everyone when the information is available anyway? [duplicate]

Low rep users can't see how many downvotes/upvotes a question or answer got, they can only see the total score. Except they actually can. They can go to the poster's profile, click the reputation tab,...
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Magic wand time - what does your community need?

Continuing in my series of questions to you: Last week, I heard some great origin stories. This week, I’d like to refocus a bit on what could be better (in your view). I’m very curious about whether ...
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Show Total Votes (or Up/Down Votes)

When viewing any question, it would be nice to see the total number of votes as a little tagline underneath the total vote score. It would be nice to see the difference between: +0 (0 votes) &...
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Make viewing deleted posts and vote counts more widely available on Meta SE

Meta SE is where a lot of discussion about things that affect the entire network take place. While most privileges should be locked behind the usual rep progression, there are some that shouldn't be. ...
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Why prevent people from seeing upvote/downvote count if they can find out using the data explorer or the API?

There are some sites that I don't yet have 1,000 rep on (including meta), which means I cannot see the upvote/downvote breakdown. There were some posts that I was curious about, so I pieced together ...
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Rep for "view vote count" privilege should be lower (on meta) [duplicate]

1000 rep is required on meta to view vote count breakdown. The reason given is that the query is expensive, and the high amount of rep required limits the number of queries. Whilst this seems fairly ...
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