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Debugging links that don't display correctly in chat (without making a big mess) [duplicate]

In Politics's Agora chat room I posted this text and the display was unsatisfactory because the links didn't show nicely. I expected something like this (except with text dashes instead of the ...
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Formatting bug when newline is present in chat message [duplicate]

I recently noticed that when there are new-lines in the same chat message, Markdown support fails. For example: *Test* **TEST** This won't produce the expected output: Test TEST It ...
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Markdown not always working in chat [duplicate]

I tried to post a comment containing a URL and Bold Text in the RenderFarm chat room and it didn't work: However, I then tried to recreate the URL markdown problem using the exact same link, and also ...
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Chat Markdown links don't work for multiline messages [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Markdown in chat fails for multi-line messages Related, outdated: Markdown in chat fails for multi-line messages Whenever you post a chat message like this: You ought to ...
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Why wasn't this link in the chat made clickable? [duplicate] Why wasn't this link in the chat made clickable?
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Italicisation does not work with trailing period in chat [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Markdown in chat fails for multi-line messages When I write _adj._ on a StackExchange post proper it gets italicised: adj. When I do the same in chat, in a multi-line message,...
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Strikethrough in chat does not work when message starts with newline [duplicate]

Pretty obscure: Strikethrough does not work correctly in chat if the message starts with a newline. To reproduce, try the following key sequence in a message: Shift + Enter test ---test--- test → ...
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Possibly a bug in the markdown rendering [duplicate]

I was trying to using backtick escapes for entering code. If the message I am about to send has multiple lines (i.e by hitting SHIFT + ENTER) and then I use the backtick escape and type in an url, the ...
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Using blockquote in chat doesn't work when it's part of a text block [duplicate]

In the chat, when using a blockquote markup after a line of text, the blockquote doesn't render. For example, if I try: text: > quote I get this: What's the correct way to use it in this case?
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Multiline link formatting [duplicate]

The [title](url) is no longer formatted when the chat post is multi-lined Examples:,
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Sticky returns break most markdown in chat [duplicate]

I typed a chat message including sticky returns (Shift + Enter), [tag:nameoftag] markup and [links]( The markup didn't work, it just displayed the markup itself. A user informed ...
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Can I please be trusted to not to script a bot that dumps an endless stream of spam messages into the chat?

I will have been at Stack Overflow for three years this summer. Although I have mostly stopped answering questions long ago, I still rake in the occasional piece of rep, and have thus amassed >60k, ...
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Markdown in Chat fails for Multi-Line Messages, a Reprise

So, we are all aware of this post, which essentially says that messages with multiple lines are considered to be "pasted" and therefore have no markdown processing run on them. All well and good, ...
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Increase number of characters in Chat

I understand comments having a limit on the number of characters, but why must even chat messages have such a low limit? I suggest increasing the limit to twice the existing amount at least. Let us ...
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