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Are we creating too many different Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

I was just thinking that maybe if we have more Stack Exchange websites then each person would be a member of more different sites on average. Since the time a person can spend online on average ...
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Is it possible we've got too many Stack Exchange sites/categories? [duplicate]

Consider the question Big O exponential: proving NP is a subset Asymptotic notation questions have been pretty standard for Stack Overflow. This fairly interesting beginner question is up, but has ...
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Are we spreading out our programming content too much? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Too many SE sites causes confusion Are we creating too many different Stack Exchange sites? An answer to this question made me realize just how spread out our programming ...
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StackExchange is way too confusing and frustrating [duplicate]

There are many sites on StackExchange. Way too many. You have a problem with your code, you don't know if you have to go to StackOverflow, CodeReview, Unix or any else website. This is both confusing ...
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Too many (similar) subsites bad for the network/community [duplicate]

There are too many (similar) stackexchange sites! Reasons why this is bad: Waste of resources (it would be easier to manage and maintain to have fewer) Difficult to choose which one question is best ...
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Why so many sites? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Too many SE sites causes confusion Having duplicate sites and tags seems obsessively organized, disorganized, or both. Could merge them all together. For example, if I had ...
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The two things about Stack Exchange [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Too many SE sites causes confusion First thing, I see that Stack Overflow has been remodeled into a number of other sites like Super User, Server Fault, and a lot, lot more. I ...
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What is the point of having different sites for each service in the same or similar domain?

I am talking about the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. We have pending proposals Blockchain Technology - commitment phase with 51% commitment. for discussing about Blockchain ...
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Preventing cannibalism from sister sites

Many years ago, there were fewer Stack Exchange sites. Right now, Astronomy is in beta and attracts questions like this one about speed-of-light. Sure, I can see why somebody would associate this with ...
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Why don't the activity badges track across sites?

Is there a specific reason why the "visit for x days" badges do not track across different communities? I kind of can understand the reasoning behind why privileges are tied to a single community, but ...
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Is there a way to migrate the followers when you merge several proposals into another proposal?

I am thinking of doing a CMS for all proposal to cover: http://area51....
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Can we have a where to post FAQ?

This is still annoying me. Referring to the same problem given here Too many SE sites causes confusion Could we have an answer for all the "Main" SE sites what is and isn't acceptable. Also useful ...
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